They Wanted To Sit His WIFE at the KID’S TABLE Because of Her Disability and Are Mad That He Dropped Out as Best Man



A Reddit user shared his story of deciding to drop out as his brother’s best man days before his wedding.

Wedding Season

The original poster (OP) explained that his brother got married this past weekend and that he was supposed to be his best man.

The wedding was 12+ because his brother and his new wife didn’t want toddlers at the venue. Because a lot of the guests had young children, OP’s brother had a venue set up nearby with a professional babysitter.

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OP also explained that his wife has some injuries that make it difficult for her to understand and respond to what others are saying, and sometimes she needs help with her food.

OP said that his brother had the rehearsal dinner, and at the end, his sister-in-law (SIL) pulled him aside and said she had something to discuss with him.

She asked if he had been told about the additional venue, and OP said yes. She then asked him if his wife had any particular food preferences and said they would order extra food for her there.

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‘Special Needs’

OP was confused and said that he and his wife had already given their meal choices, but his SIL said his wife would be better suited at the other venue. OP said he remembers just staring at her and asking if she was serious, that she expected his wife to go with the babysitter. His SIL said it was not like that, and they were just looking out for her. She said he wouldn’t have to “feed her or anything,” and he could “have fun” at the wedding.

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OP’s brother came over, and OP said he thinks it’s ridiculous that they think his wife should be with the babysitter. His brother said it was for the best and that OP could always go “check on her.” OP said that if this was how his wife was going to be treated, he had no desire to participate in the wedding, and he dropped out as the best man.

Some people agreed that he was right, but OP’s parents texted and called, saying they don’t agree either, but it’s their choice and that OP should get over his ego and come to the wedding. OP said he did not attend.

OP said that after the wedding, his brother texted him and said he expected better from him, and OP responded the same. OP’s SIL also sent a long message saying that OP intentionally ruined their wedding day and made them look bad.

Should OP have sucked it up and gone to the wedding? Should OP’s brother and SIL have treated his wife that way and insisted she go with the sitter? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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