Internet Back’s Up a Bride-to-Be Who Wants a Cheating Groomsman Kicked out of Her Wedding Lineup



Would you let a man who does not uphold integrity in his marriage be in your wedding lineup as a groomsman, or would you kick him out?

A woman posted on “Bridezilla” about her plans to kick a cheating man from her fiance’s groomsmen lineup. Is it something you would do?

No Cheaters Please

OP and her husband are preparing for their wedding. However, one of OP’s fiance’s groomsmen admitted to cheating on his wife.

OP had also invited the groomsman’s wife and children to the party to make everyone feel included.

What should OP do? Should she push her husband to kick the groomsman out of the wedding?

OP has been considering doing it because what the cheating husband is doing to his children and wife is very heartbreaking. She is furious that a man who broke his vows would stand by them when they make theirs.

Will OP be a Bridezilla if she asks her fiance to ask the cheating groomsman to step down?

Redditors Weigh In

Reddit users unanimously supported OP and asked her to kick the cheating man out of her wedding.

One said, “No, you are not a bridezilla. Actions have consequences, and his grown-**s self should know that. Gosh, I’m so mad for the wife and kids. What an ***hole. Vile scum as well.”

Another chimed in, “The way I see it, it’s your wedding, and I think it’s perfectly reasonable not to want your memories tainted by having a cheater in the wedding party. The feelings of the cheater are irrelevant.”

Another said, “No, you’re celebrating a marriage, and because he destroyed his, he shouldn’t get to be such an important part of it. Also, his soon-to-be ex-wife won’t feel comfortable with him there, and because a lot of women don’t want confrontation- if he doesn’t opt out, she will.”

Another user, in unison, said, “Why would you want someone who doesn’t respect their marriage to stand with you on your wedding day? Go ahead and kick him.”

“You’re not a bridezilla; a marriage is a celebration of love and a union, he’s screwed his marriage and family up, and he doesn’t deserve to witness a wedding when he wasn’t even respectful or loyal.”

And lastly, “I don’t think you’re a bridezilla. You’re making vows to each other for life. Marriage means something to you both. Why would you want someone standing beside you mocking their wedding vows? Plus, I imagine his wife, who is also in the wedding party, will have a tough time standing through the ceremony with her cheating husband up there too. Nope, this is a drama I would not want at my wedding, especially standing up at the podium with me while I said my vows.”


Will OP be a bridezilla for kicking the man out of the wedding?


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