“I Think My Employer Is Tracking Me”, Nanny Finds Tracking Device in Her Car and Is Stalked Out of Work Hours



A woman who works as a nanny posted in the “Nanny” subreddit narrating the many instances that have led her to think that her boss is tracking her.  It all started as mere speculations, but Redditors guided her into confirming that she was truly being tracked.

I Am Watching Your Steps

This woman has been working for a family for approximately three months. She cares for two kids who are 2 and 8 years old. When she started working, her boss told her she had trackers in the 2-year-old’s diaper bag and the 8-year old backpack. OP says she has no issue with that.

She has had a great time as the mom’s boss (MB, the employer) appeared lovely initially, and the kids were great too.

One day, the MB texts OP asking if she could come in on a weekend as she was needed at work. OP wanted to have the whole weekend to herself, and she did not want it to become a habit to be asked to work on a weekend. She decided to lie that she was in another city visiting her sister for a weekend, so she could not step in.

The boss replied, “You don’t need to lie; I’ll find a backup.” OP says this was embarrassing but equally weird. How did she know OP was lying? OP, however, decided to brush it off as she was at Trader’s Joe, and maybe her boss spotted her, or maybe she saw OP’s car driving by.

The second instance came when OP showed up to work the morning after her night out. OP was out at a bar celebrating her friend’s birthday. She says she had only one drink and was not even tipsy. She also ensures to shower and wears clean clothes before going to work. So, there was no way she smelled of alcohol when she got to MB’s house.

However, when she arrived, MB confronted her, accused her of being hungover, and insisted that she smelled like alcohol. She even asked OP if she had a drinking problem. OP was put off but decided to tell her the truth about the previous night. OP notes that her MB is very religious and vehemently anti-alcoholic.

That day after work, OP asked her girlfriend if she smelled of alcohol, but she couldn’t smell anything.

The third incident is what cemented OP’s speculations that she was being tracked. This happened when her boss asked her whether she was coming or not. OP always used her car to and from work. But then, this one day, she decides to use the bus to save up some money. OP notes that she has never been late for work. So, this day she gets to the house 10 minutes early and sits on a wooden curb until it is her official time to start. While waiting, her MB texts her, “Have you left yet? I have a meeting at 10:30.”

OP decides to walk in slightly early, and her MB cannot hide the confusion on her face. OP explains that she took the bus, instantly clearing up the confusion on her boss’s face. She even ended up saying, “That makes sense now.”

OP instantly knew that her car was being tracked. After work, she looked all over her car, on the seats, and in her backpack but could not find anything.

Redditors Weigh In

One comment said, “This is so creepy. Do you drive the kids in your car? It does sound like she’s tracking you. The way she accosted you after your night out is highly inappropriate, too. I would honestly look for a new job.”

Another said, “And What gets me the most (besides the actual tracking) is how demeaning she was about what you did in your private time. Like, not for nothing.. she was sitting on her couch watching you…” my omg, she’s drinking, “my mind is blown.”

A couple of comments also explained how to find a hidden AirTag in the cars. OP seemingly used these tutorials and found an AirTag duct-taped to the underside of her car. She updated her post saying this and expressing how creeped out and confused she was.

Thereafter, there were many comments suggesting what she should do next. One said, “I’m positive you can report AirTags like this to the police. It was placed on your car without your knowledge or permission, and she was ACTIVELY tracking/stalking you. This is a situation of stalking and harassing.”

Should OP confront her MB first, or should she file a stalking report first?


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