Petty Revenge? His Neighbor Thinks He Owns the Street Parking Spots in Front of His House Until He Is Given a Taste of His Own Medicine



About three years ago, a new neighbor moved into the house across the street from the original poster’s (OP) house. This new neighbor had five boys at the time of his moving in; the youngest was 15, and shortly after, he turned 16.

Each of the five boys had cars, and so did their dad. They would park one car on their driveway and the other five on the street.

They frequently parked two cars in front of OP’s house. Now, OP never saw an issue as he never used that space; he parked his cars on his driveway.

Yes, That’s My Space

One day OP had a few guests over. Luckily, the two spaces the neighbors used were empty that day. So OP’s guests parked on the driveway, the two spaces, and one space in front of the neighbor’s house.

When the neighbor got home, he did not like what he saw. He started knocking on people’s doors to find out who had parked on the street space in front of his house.

When he got to OP’s house, OP told him he had guests over. The neighbor said he “needed” to use the space and asked OP to have his guest move the car from “his space.” He insisted it was his space because it was in front of his house.

OP’s guest moved his car, but OP was annoyed. These people have been using not one but two spaces in front of OP’s house for two years. How come they have a problem with OP’s guest using just a single space for a short while?

Petty Revenge Time

Since this incident, OP decided to stop parking on his driveway. Whenever he came home and found that they had not parked in front of his house, he would park his car in the middle of two parking spaces to block both spots.

So, recently, the neighbor saw OP parking in and walked to him to ask why he wasn’t parking on the driveway.

OP hit him back with the exact words he had used on him months ago, “Well, it is my spot as it is in front of my house.”

The neighbor looked confused; he had forgotten what he had said to OP a few months earlier. But this confrontation did not end things; OP says he is still pursuing his petty revenge as he will keep parking on the street space, and in the middle of two parking spots for that matter.


Redditors Say

One comment said, “Nah, he thinks he is entitled. That was why he did not remember. I’d keep parking in front of the house until the boys leave.”

Another comment said, “Good job. I don’t understand why people think they own parking spots on public roads.”

What could OP do to take his pettiness a notch higher? One commenter said, “Whenever one of his boys parks in front of your house, go over and ask them to move.”

Could OP have handled this any better?

One commenter had an idea of how OP should have answered the neighbor, “When I found out those (pointing at the two spots in front of his house) were yours, and you insisted my guest move his car, I realized these (points to the spots in front of my house) must be mine! So I use them as I see fit!”

And lastly, “At the time he came to ask your visitor to move away from his house, I would have said, “Only if your family never parks in front of my house again.” No room to park elsewhere??? Not my problem.”


Is this petty revenge worth it, or should OP just let it go since he has space on his driveway anyway? Why do people feel entitled to street parking spaces when it is public property?


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Originally posted 2023-03-31 05:20:56.