Rude Much? Her In-Laws Visit Her When She Has a NEWBORN and DEMAND Dinner So She Serves Them Mac and Cheese



A Reddit user has shared how, just a few short weeks after her firstborn arrived, her in-laws unexpectedly greeted her on the porch after her husband had invited them over for dinner.

She mustered up the energy to prepare mac n cheese and was rewarded with disgust and accusations of offense.

Newborn Haze

The original poster (OP) shared that she (American) and her husband (Asian) had welcomed their firstborn into the world just four weeks ago.

The OP is exhausted from a  lack of sleep and becoming accustomed to motherhood, hardly finding time to wash or do her hair. She had been attempting to put off her in-laws from visiting for a while as she simply did not feel ready.

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Another Arrival

One day, her husband’s family unexpectedly turned up, standing on the porch waiting to be welcomed in. The OP felt embarrassed as the house was not ready to host people, particularly those who she thought judged her.

While the OP fed the baby, her husband occupied his family. Once finished, she offered to order takeout to feed everyone. Her husband dismissed this offer, stating that his family would find it rude and unwelcoming.

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Instead, he insisted on the OP going into the kitchen and rustling a meal up, stating that as long as it was homemade, it would be ok. The OP decided upon Mac n Cheese – delicious but easy to prepare despite her exhaustion.


Once ready, the OP served up the Mac n Cheese, much to the disgust of her husband’s mom, who was “appalled,” asking if the OP felt it appropriate to serve such a dish to her and her family.

The OP queried why it would not be and was greeted with a tirade of comments about how disrespectful she had been. Furthermore, the OP was told that she had no idea of the rights and wrongs of hosting, to which the OP explained that she had not signed up for this unexpected visit.

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Her husband’s father then said that they were only there to see the baby, with cries of being forced to miss out on one month of the son’s life that they would never get back.

The OP’s husband also felt that serving up Mac n Cheese was disrespectful to not just his family but also his culture. He insisted it would have been more polite to serve up nothing at all compared to her pasta dish.

The OP retorted that she was simply too tired to prepare a traditional feast that she had been forced to learn from his mom.

Reddit Responses

The overwhelming majority of Reddit users agreed that the OP had not been disrespectful in her actions and that the family should not have arrived with any expectation of being fed a traditional feast. The lack of communication from the OP’s husband was also questioned.

What do you think about the OP’s decision to serve Mac n Cheese to her husband’s family? Was this a sign of disrespect to the family and their culture? 

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