Her Fiancé RETURNED Her Wedding Dress Without Telling Her and Replaced It With the One His Mom Picked



Controlling much? A Reddit user shared how her fiancé returned her wedding dress behind her back and replaced it with the one his mom had picked out.  

Marrying the love of your life is a dream come true. However, we can all agree that the road to marital bliss can be rocky.

If all rom-coms are to be believed, wedding preps can invite a lot of drama; what’s a perfect wedding without a few glitches here and there?

However, in some instances, this time can truly unravel some ugly sides, as was the case with this bride-to-be; in her Reddit post, the Original Poster (OP) narrates her wedding planning horror story.

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Controlling Much?

OP suggests that her fiancé had always been a mama’s boy; being her only child, he had always been super close to his mother, fulfilling all her dreams and wishes. Cute, right? OP thought so, too, until her wedding dates were finalized and the wedding prep started.

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OP describes her wedding planning experience as a total nightmare due to her fiancé’s mother. The mother-in-law proved to be very controlling in the wedding process, declaring that she had her own “vision” for her only son’s wedding. The mother-in-law wanted all the wedding details to be according to “her vision,” even if it came at the expense of the bride’s dreams.

OP says that she had tried her best to reason with her fiancé’s mother throughout the whole planning, patiently and kindly reminding her that as the bride, OP’s choices should be given preference since this was her wedding.

OP even complained to her fiancé about it, but to her surprise, the fiancé sided with his mother completely. Stating that as a single mom with an only son, his mother had the right to partake in their wedding planning and that OP should be appreciative and accepting of his mother’s choices.

Cracks Start To Show

Things had already been rocky, but what happened next left the bride-to-be fuming. OP says that when the time came for her to buy her wedding dress, her mother-in-law insisted that she come along since she wanted to feel included in the process.

Despite knowing her mother-in-law’s controlling nature, OP reluctantly agreed due to her fiance’s constant requests that his mother be included.

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OP was lucky enough to find the wedding dress of her dreams, a dress she totally adored and had always envisioned for her wedding. However, her fiance’s mother had her eyes set on a different dress. She disapproved of the dress OP had chosen.

The mother-in-law insisted that the dress she liked be picked instead since this was the dress she had always envisioned for her son’s bride. OP politely turned her down, reminding her that this was her wedding, and she too had envisioned a look for her special day and that the dress her fiance’s mother had picked was not her style.

Final Nail in the Coffin

OP and her fiancé argued about the whole dress situation, but she stood firm and bought the dress she had originally picked out.

However, the next day to the OP’s absolute horror, she found out that her fiancé had returned the dress, replacing it with the one his mother had picked.

OP was furious beyond belief, and she called her fiancé to confront him, upon which he insisted that OP compromise a bit and do this for his mother’s happiness. He continued to implore that it was just a dress for one day and that OP owed this to her future husband and mother-in-law.

The Suggestions Pour In

The Reddit community was quick to side with the OP and warned her of the dangers of going through with this wedding. One user commented, “Call off the wedding – or better yet, take his suit back and exchange it for a clown outfit.”

Another user chimed in, “Cancel this wedding, seriously.”

The comment that took the cake, however, was, “How can you marry a man who’s already married to his mom?”

Was the fiancé right? Should the OP have made the sacrifice? Or should she consider this a major red flag and call off the wedding? What would you have done? 

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