Her Boss Is Being Unprofessional but She’s Not Ready To Quit Her Job


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This Canadian girl who’s sixteen has been working at a pet store and has loved working there. However, her 33-year-old boss has been joking with her ever since she started working for him that he can’t wait to take her out on a date once she turns eighteen because he wishes all ladies were like her and that she were older.

She’s unsure how to respond to his persistent attempts to flirt with her after she told him she wasn’t interested in males. He continues to send her inappropriate comments and even FaceTime with her after hours to discuss topics other than business.

Although she won’t see him as much anymore because of his impending full-time departure, she’s heard from former coworkers that he’s always been a bit touchy with the employees.

Too Convenient To Quit

Instead of leaving, she’d rather discover ways to deal with her boss’s unprofessional behavior. She has been a customer and supplier of aquatic animals to this shop for a very long time. Unfortunately, it’s the only pet store within a reasonable distance from her home that doesn’t need her to use her car, so even if she moved, she’d still see him two or three times a week when she goes there as a customer and a seller.

There are no negatives to this employment at all except for the manager. She has already removed him from any personal accounts she uses. She has confided in a trusted adult, who keeps a careful eye on the issue and often checks in with her to gather proof.

What Needs To Be Done?

One user further encouraged her to take screenshots of all the times he tried to contact her outside of work. “Write it all down. Times. Dates. Events. Anything you can remember.” They said, “Get it on paper now and then continue to document.”

He’s clearly a predator and needs to be held accountable, and it may be necessary also to collect other people’s accountings if she can and add them to the collection. According to the user, this will create a pattern of behavior with proof. So it’s not just “her word against his” or “boys being boys.”

Another advised OP to learn to feel confident in saying direct things without adding to the issue. For example, they suggested that instead of saying, “I’m really busy right now, can’t talk…” say, “This conversation is uncomfortable, stop.” That way, OP speaks clearly and cleanly, leaving no room for interpretation.  It’s also unnecessary for her to explain why she’s uncomfortable with him.

Someone else didn’t understand why it wasn’t yet pressing for OP to quit her job, no matter how perfect she thinks it is. Getting fired or losing a job is not the end of the world. In their opinion, there will be ZERO permanent consequences to her future if she gets fired. They think OP shouldn’t sacrifice her physical or mental health for money.

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Originally posted 2023-09-04 10:00:56.