He Wants to DITCH His 9 Year Old Nephew and Go Hiking With a Girl He Met Just Last Night



A Reddit user wanted to know if he would be in the wrong if he went hiking with a new girl he had just met instead of going to a Super Bowl party with his nephew.

The Party

OP (original poster) has a nephew that absolutely loves football. According to the OP, “he lives and dies with it.” OP’s boss is throwing a super bowl party to watch the big game.

The boss is friends with a retired NFL star who was fairly well-known in the 2010s. The retired NFL player is coming to the super bowl party, and the boss invited OP to come too.

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Since OP’s nephew is such a huge fan, he asked his boss if he could bring him and his nephew’s friend to the party to watch the game and meet the NFL star.

OP’s boss said yes, adding that the player loves meeting kids who are big fans and love the game. OP’s nephew is super excited to go to this party and is really looking forward.

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The Love of His Life

Last night OP had a chance encounter and meet-cute with a bartender at a “local chicken wing place.” they hit it off, and OP ended up heading to her apartment, where they watched “The Last of Us,” made popcorn and built blanket forts. OP is absolutely smitten with this woman and is sure that he will marry her.

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Therefore he wants to spend as much time with her as possible, so he invited her to the Super Bowl party with him. She said she was planning on going hiking, so she won’t go to the party but invited him to go hiking with her. OP excitedly said yes.

Letting Nephew Down

OP realized that he couldn’t go hiking and to the super bowl party simultaneously. He turned to Reddit to find out if he would be in the wrong to cancel on his nephew and go hiking with his new girl instead.

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The Verdict

Most of Reddit said he absolutely cannot cancel on his nephew to go out with this woman. A few even said that if they were the woman, they would be horrified if someone they were dating canceled on their nephew for new plans.

One person wrote, “Yes, you will be an a-hole if you ditch your nephew for such big plans to him in favor of a girl you just met, regardless of your prediction of marrying her. Besides, what will it tell this girl about you that you would crush a 9-year-old’s dreams in such a way? She will have much more respect for you if you are honest; explain that you had so much fun with her that when she asked you to go on the hike with her, you forgot all about the promise you made to your nephew.”

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Another gave some great advice on handling the situation, “The call/text should read: hey, I had such a great time with you last night that I completely forgot about some plans I made with my nephews. Can I make it up to you by taking you out on xyz date/time and follow up. Or would you prefer going hiking on another day?”

They continued, “If she really is “the one” and your future is meant to be. Then this will be a nonissue and something she can think favourably on later. Consider the message you are sending to her: I’m okay cancelling plans of something I want to do more comes up unexpectedly or I follow through on my word and, I’d I slip up, actively work to make it right by the person who gets slighted. Both are powerful messages to send so early on.”

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Another said, “If I found out a guy dumped plans his 9 year old nephew was really looking forward to for a casual date after one evening together, that would be the end of that.”

And yet another said, “Omg, YTA for canceling plans with a 9yo child! If you’re so certain you’re gonna marry this woman you’ve known for 12 hours, then you’ll have plenty of time to hike with her.”

An Update

After a few hours, OP took all the comments telling him he was in the wrong to heart, and he left a happy update. He wrote, “Edit: I called her, and she totally understood she was very sweet. I’m taking my nephew and his friend to my bosses party.”

Hopefully, OP will return in a few months or a year and keep Reddit updated on his newfound love. One person wrote, “And post an update when you propose to her. Reddit needs to know.”

Would OP be in the wrong for canceling on his nephew and going hiking with a new friend instead?

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