He Wants a DNA Test To Prove the Kids Are His, but They Were Born Before He Met His Girlfriend



The original poster(OP) posted in the “StoriesAboutKevin” subreddit narrates how her friend’s boyfriend asked for a DNA test for the kids before they officiated things.

Now, if someone asks for a DNA test, there is usually a chance that the kids could be theirs. However, in this scenario, it was obvious that the kids were not “Kevin’s.”

Smoothening the Bumps

This happened to OP’s friend, Sage. So, Sage had been dating “Kevin” for two years. During this period, she had noticed Kevin was sort of…” dumb.”

For instance, sometimes, he would be incredibly oblivious to obvious things. He often wouldn’t pick up cues, or suggestions would fly right over his head.

Sage somehow learned to live with this, as she attributed it to him being on the autism spectrum. Coincidentally, Sage has a few other friends with problems picking cues, so she knew how to smoothen the bumps in the relationship. For instance, she shifted how she handled things from neurotypical to neurodivergent.

All was going well in the relationship until they talked about taking the relationship to the next level; they were now talking about marriage. And this is when things came tumbling down.

Kevin said he wanted a DNA test to prove that Sage’s kids were his. The two kids were from Sage’s previous marriage and were already 3 and 5 when Sage met Kevin.

Confused, Sage clarified that the kids were from her previous marriage, and there was no way they were Kevin’s.

What Kevin replied is even more shocking, “Yeah, and now that we’re getting married, they’ll become mine. I want to DNA test them to be sure of it.”

Sage is now even more confused, and Kevin insists that he wants a confirmation on paper that the children are his. They talked long about how DNA works and how the kids would never be biologically his. She explained that the kids would only be his on paper and in the legal system if he wanted.

Change Their DNA Now

Kevin went on to explain how people adopt kids, and the kids become theirs. Sage kept explaining the concept of adopted and biological kids but could not get Kevin to ‘understand.” Finally, Sage gets Kevin’s mother and even some books to help, but they fail.

The last straw was how furious he was; he couldn’t understand how people adopted kids if the kids were not “truly” theirs. He even thought it was selfish for the kids to retain the DNA of their egg and sperm donor. He could not understand why kids would keep the DNA of their biological parent instead of changing it to that of their adoptive parent.

In front of his parents, Kevin said if the kids were not going to become his, then no marriage would happen between him and Sage.

He then gave Sage a week to talk to the kids, change their minds, and agree to be biologically his. He would only adopt them if they agreed to let go of their DNA.

Clearly, it was time for Sage to break off things with Kevin.

Now, OP was worried that Kevin might have been playing dumb just as a way of ending things amicably. However, Sage insists that he was just stupid. Kevin’s mum even called Sage and requested her to end things with him because he was adamant about it.

The funny thing is that at the end of it all, he said he would never date a woman with kids unless the kids agreed to be biologically his.

What Redditors Had to Say

One commenter said, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve read all day, and I argue with flat earthers.”

Another commenter said, “Why didn’t he change his DNA to match theirs? As it’s so simple, it’d be easier for him to do, as there’s only one of him and 2 of them. Also, kids are stupid and might do it wrong. Talk about selfishness.” 

Did Sage dodge a bullet here? 


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