He Told His Cousin He Won’t Pay For Her Baby After She Ran Out of Money



A Reddit user shared his story of telling his cousin he would not pay for her baby after she ran out of money.

Financially Irresponsible

The original poster (OP) said he and his cousin have always been close. OP added that sometimes she tends not to think things all the way through.

She frequently makes bad financial decisions and then asks her family to help her out. OP said she’s not horrible with money but that she never budgets and trusts that she’ll make it work somehow.

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OP said that around two years ago, she told the family she planned to become a single mom in the next few years. Everyone congratulated her, but since a single mom raised OP, he didn’t think his cousin was putting enough thought into the decision. He warned her that a child is a huge financial and emotional decision that she won’t be able to take back.

She accused him of not thinking she would be a good mother, and OP clarified that he thought she would be a great mother but that children are expensive and she should review her budget before jumping into having a child. OP said she still seemed a bit annoyed but agreed that children are expensive and that she had thought it through. OP said he didn’t really believe her but let it go.

Baby Prep

Six months later, OP’s cousin announced her pregnancy. She spent a lot of money getting everything she would need for a newborn baby. OP noticed that everything she was getting was for a 0-3 month year old, so he went to a thrift store and got her a bunch of baby clothes for a wide range of ages. When he tried to give her the clothing, she called him disgusting and said her baby wouldn’t be wearing “gross” thrift store clothing.

OP said he was pretty hurt but just blamed her behavior on hormones and tried to let it go. OP said that just as he’d predicted, four months after the baby was born, his cousin ran out of money and came to him asking for help paying rent. OP said in return for the money she would need to make time for him to teach her how to budget.

She never found the time and ran out of money again the next month. She said she didn’t have any money to get new clothes for her baby. OP was upset that she hadn’t listened to him about how expensive kids were and that she had turned down the clothing he had offered. He told her that she was on her own until she could prove that she could manage her money and she would have to ask someone else in the family for money.

She screamed at OP and told him that he was leaving her baby to die and after she left OP began receiving angry calls from relatives who were disappointed that he hadn’t helped her.

Should OP have helped her financially? Or should his cousin be left to learn how to budget on her own? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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