He Threatened to Sue To Make His Son Stop Playing Sports Because He Doesn’t Get It



A father wants his 13-year-old son to stop playing sports, or he will sue.

A Reddit user shared a story that went viral fast about how he plans to stop his 13-year-old boy from playing sports because he (the OP) does not like sports, and the boy keeps hurting himself.

Broken Bones, Countless Bruises, and Who Gets These Sports Anyway?

According to the OP, his son loves playing soccer and bowling. The OP has been divorced for 9 years. The mother has full custody, but the OP sees his son every other weekend. The problem is that the OP thinks his son’s sports ventures interfere with his time since he (the son) seems to have something planned every Saturday.

The OP asked the mother if the boy can take a break, and she told him to ask him directly. The OP is concerned that the boy has broken two bones and always has countless bruises and scrapes. He is afraid people might start thinking he is being abused.

The son said he wants to keep playing, and since the OP never goes to these sports, it is not a big deal. The OP confesses to having never played sports and does not understand why it’s fun. He called the mother and told her the son wants to continue playing, but he (OP) won’t contribute anymore. He told her he is considering talking to a lawyer to make him stop as he hurts himself, but the mother just laughed at him.

He wanted to know if he was in the wrong in trying to make his son stop playing his favorite games.

The Masses Weigh In

Many users argued that the OP was selfish and that if he wanted to be a supportive father, he should support his son’s interests. One user said, “Your 13 y/o son likes sports. And instead of being there and supporting his interest, you are pouting and are asking him to quit something that’s good for him. Instead of complaining, why don’t you try showing some interest in your son’s likes and be a supportive dad?”

No Judge Will Force Your Son To Quit Sports

Someone pointed out that the father would lose if he sued, “Also, no judge is going to force a 13-year-old boy to quit playing two sports he loves just because dad is too lazy to get up on the weekends to attend.”

You Do Not Have To Understand or Like Sports

Some people pointed out that the most important thing was to be there for his son. One said, “The solution is to take him to his sporting events when they’re on your time but you can’t even support him in that! You don’t have to understand or like sports but you do have to spend time showing him you value him.”

“I’d bet decent money his mum isn’t that interested either, and yet she still manages to muster up the time and effort to get him to practice and match days,” added another person.

He Wants To Punish His Kid for His Failed Marriage

Someone suggested that the OP’s actions had a different motive, “Don’t punish the kid for your failed marriage. You literally want your son to stop doing the thing that gives him joy. That keeps him fit. Allows him to socialise etc etc etc. Your time, should be sitting on the sidelines supporting him. If you really have an issue talk to your ex to renegotiate your custody arrangement.”

Look for Time, Go to His Events

One user wondered how the OP’s excuse that the sports took much of his time worked since he never attended these events. “It’s obvious you’re not really involved in your son’s activities so why do you care that he keeps playing? Because it takes too much of your time?? How, since you don’t bother going to his events anyway?”

“If you want to spend more time with him, go to his games and cheer him on, whether you “get it” or not,” urged another user.

One person urged the OP to consider that it was about spending quality time with the son, not having his way, “Your time with your kid should be about spending quality time with him, not about getting your way. Work with what you have, it’s not just YOUR time, it’s HIS time too. Be there for him, encourage him, support him, go watch him play, and cheer him on. You know, be a parent.”

“Just going to let you know this. My kids are in their 20s. Dad rarely showed up to anything they did. Maybe one thing a season for a year or two and then never. My kids remember this and still talk about it. Oldest has virtually no relationship with him. Youngest barely talks to him. If you want a future relationship with your kid suck it up,” advised another person.

Do you think the OP has any legal grounds to prevent his son from going to his favorite sports activities? Do you think doing so will help make their relationship more solid?



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