Got Milk Thief? How One Man Used Regular Milk to Catch His “Lactose Intolerant” Roommate



A Reddit user posted a story about intentionally switching to regular dairy milk to prove that his lactose-intolerant roommate was stealing from him.

Food and Milk Do a Disappearing Act

The OP shares an apartment with two other guys. They share all the bills except grocery bills. Each person marks their groceries when placing them inside the fridge to avoid confusion and prevent someone from using what does not belong to them.

This technique worked well for some time until the OP noticed that his beloved almond milk was getting depleted pretty fast and containers with his leftovers were missing.

OP confronted one of the roommates, (R), who denied stealing from him. The OP carpools with the other roommate as they work in the same area on the same shift. This roommate also has the same problem, but his issue is less frequent than the OP’s. R works the evening shift.

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OP comes from work one day to find he is almost out of almond milk. He goes to the liquor store and purchases regular dairy milk. Back home, he empties the regular dairy milk into the empty almond milk gallon.

The next day R is very mad at OP. He spent almost an hour in the bathroom. When the OP asked him if he drank his milk, R said he only used it to make a shake.

He was not apologetic but admitted to eating OP’s food and drinking his milk previously. According to OP, the irony is that R buys a lot of groceries for himself and insists that nobody should touch them.

OP told R that he deliberately replaced the almond milk with regular milk to catch him since he knew R was lactose intolerant. R tried to go behind OP’s back to convince the other roommate to kick the OP out.

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R didn’t know that OP and the other roommate already had plans to move out since they were tired of R’s antics.

The OP turned to Reddit to ask users whether they felt he was wrong in changing the milk to catch his roommate.

The Masses Weigh In

Most people who commented on his post felt that the OP was right in his actions, while others thought that his actions could have potentially been fatal if R had a bad allergic reaction to the milk.

DO Whatever You Want

Some users thought that since the three roommates had agreed not to touch each other’s food, the OP could do whatever he wished with his food. One user said, “He signed a social contract with you and the other roomie. Even though it was just a verbal agreement, such a contract is meant to prevent issues and resentment. He violated that, and he got exactly what he deserves.”

“When people steal food, lie about it and don’t replace it they reap what they sow. Food is expensive, especially milk substitutes. Without replacing the food he was essentially stealing money from your wallet,” quipped someone else.

He Did Not Give Him a Life-Threatening Allergy, and That Is Okay

Others pointed out that since the OP did not give R a life-threatening allergy, he was not in the wrong.

“…it’s not like this is a life-threatening allergy. It causes a minor, if smelly, inconvenience,” said one person. Another agreed with this statement: “As someone who has lactose intolerance I can agree. You may get explosive diarrhoea or really really gassy but it ain’t life threatening.”

“If his allergy is “I get the runs” allergy, then this is fair game. The irony that the guy who has been caught stealing from his roomates thinks he can mount a campaign against the person who caught him to get them thrown out is amusing to me. Nice job! Move on without him,” said another.

Could Have Been More Creative With His Revenge

Some creative users offered the OP other creative ways he could have used to achieve the same effect without risking R’s life. One said, “Just a suggestion, next time, buy a carton of regular milk and almond milk and put the almond milk in the regular milk container.”

“Something that could’ve worked imo is setting up a hidden camera near the refrigerator to catch him,” another suggested.

He Should Face the Consequences of Stealing

Some were blunt and didn’t mince their words. One said, “If he steals from you, he should face consequences, especially after you bringing it up to him. Why would he expect you buying and using products that accommodate to his health condition?”

You Are Your Other Roommate Should Bail Out

Some users do not think the OP should stand R’s antics anymore. One user said, “Honestly you and the other roommate should just bail on him now, it’s only going to get worse from here till you leave.”

He Intentionally Made R Sick

Others did not side with OP, saying that although R was a thief, the OP probably took his revenge too far.

“You intentionally bought milk you don’t normally consume and HID it in another container with the sole purpose of making him sick,” one person observed.

Another user agreed with this, saying, “You put the new milk in the old container to deliberately catch him out and technically poisoned him. If you had left the container as it was and he was still dumb enough to steal then its all on him.”

Do you think the OP went too far in his quest for revenge because he knew that R was lactose intolerant? Are there any other creative ways you think the OP could have used to achieve a similar result without endangering R’s life?



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