His Wife Kept on Telling People They Were POOR So He Told Everyone How Much Money They Have at a Family Dinner



A frustrated husband has taken to Reddit to share his rather unusual situation regarding his wife and their financial status.

A Bad Habit

The OP started by explaining that this situation is not new; his wife has been making him look bad about their finances in front of other people for years.

He says that whenever money comes up in conversation, she always claims poverty, which he clearly finds humiliating.

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Here’s the weird bit … the OP then declares that, in fact, he and his wife are doing very well financially and are worth between $1 and $2 million!

The story deepens as the OP gives more detail about how they have managed to do so well and save as much as they have.

Interestingly, it turns out that he had saved quite a bit before they got together, which he says “ gave us a good head start.” He openly admits that he controls the finances, but he is also adamant that he is completely transparent with his wife about it, and he insists that they both agreed to save their money and lead a modest life.

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He Calls Her Out

The fact that this guy believes he and his wife agreed to live frugally, despite their impressive bank balance, but she chooses to money shame them constantly, is clearly weighing heavily on him.

He explains: “A few months ago, we had dinner with her friends, and they talked about buying a new car. My wife said something like, ‘I wish I could get a new car, but I’m always broke after paying the bills. We still have our college cars! She will go on to talk about if she had money what she would want to buy and it always makes me feel ashamed.”

The OP makes a decision here. He decides that the next time it happens, he will call her out on it, and that is exactly what he does.

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The pair are at a family dinner a few weeks later, and a very similar conversation arises. The OP’s wife proceeds to bleat the “we are broke” line.

The OP reaches breaking point and declares to the room, “It’s weird to hear a millionaire say they are broke.”

His wife replies, “Haha, I’m not, though.”

And he replies, “We are millionaires, and you know that. We go over our finances every month.”


The OP says his wife is now upset with him for “gloating” to people about their financial success. He says he is not gloating, he simply feels better speaking the truth to people than having them believe that he is bad with money and that they are almost destitute.

So, is he in the wrong for revealing their net worth when his wife tells people they are broke?

The People Have Spoken

Reddit readers quickly responded to the OP and reassured him that they do not think he was wrong for putting people straight.

Many people felt that the OP’s wife should not be mentioning their finances at all if she didn’t want him to feel the need to defend his money management.

Others were a little more understanding of her feelings and suggested that perhaps she feels less entitled to the cash as she hadn’t saved anything before they were together.

The OP’s lack of respect slightly put out some Reddit users.

“Calling poverty when you are worth over a million dollars is about as insulting as you can get to people who are actually struggling. I wonder how many people she’s cried ‘I’m so broke’ to who are actually struggling to stay afloat.”

Should the OP have shared the reality of their financial situation with family and friends? Was she to blame for his outburst for causing him shame by pleading poverty? How could he have dealt with the situation better?

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