His Son Is DEMANDING His Father Give Him His Car So He Can Pay Off His Debts. Is He ENTITLED or Justified?



Is he wrong in refusing to give his son his car to pay off his debt?

A Reddit user posted anonymously about how he is no longer on talking terms with his son after refusing to give him his car to settle his debt.

Son Accrued Debt on Behalf of the Father

The OP said that his son came to his aid after he was unable to pay bills for some time. He invited him and his daughter to live with him and his girlfriend. The daughter declined. The son took charge of paying for groceries and even took a credit card to pay for other bills at his house.

When the OP forgot to pay his car insurance, the son bought it in his name.

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His son moved out of the house to live with his girlfriend. He called on his dad to pay off his debt (approximately $10,000).

The OP did not have that kind of money, and the son asked him if he could take the car to sell and settle debts he accrued while living with him. The dad declined, saying he needed the car for his work.

He promised to settle the debt by the end of January and give the car to his son if that did not happen.

By end of January, the OP had not paid the debt, and when his son called him, he refused to give him the car. Now he is not on talking terms with his son after his girlfriend weighed in and said that a loving father should not do such things to his son.

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He claims that his son stressed him so much that he got diagnosed with depression. He is also not on talking terms with his daughter.

The Masses Weigh In

Reddit users were quick to point out that he used his son and refused to pay him.

“You told your son in 2021 that you would give him the car if you didn’t have the money to pay him, & then you claim you never promised him anything. No wonder he doesn’t trust you & doesn’t want anything to do with you”, One user said.

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Another user supported this statement by saying, “He literally says he says he’ll give him the car and the very next sentence contradicts himself.”

The Debt Is OP’s Fault, Not the Son’s

Several users noted that OP was responsible for the debt and should take care of it.

One user stated, “That massive amount of debt is not making it easy for him to move up in life. And his debt is your fault….”

Another user added to this comment, saying, “You’ve burdened your son with your inability to support yourself, it should not be his debt to carry. At this point you either find a way to pay him back (car or not) or you’re going to lose your son.”

OP Should Not Play the Victim

A user said that the OP should stop playing the victim and stop blaming his son for his depression.

“You racked up debt in your son’s name and now you have selective amnesia and are playing the victim,” the user noted.

Another user was quick to support this sentiment saying, “You took your kids money, opened credit cards and bought a car in his name and now that he’s trying to start his life you’re refusing to pay him back and blaming him for your depression.”

The OP Should Work To Repay His Son

A user put everything into perspective, noting that the OP should have done whatever it takes to repay the debt.

“How do he make you suffer? He did nothing but help you? And if you truly regretted your decisions you would be working to fix them and pay him back,” he said.

Do you think the OP was justified in not giving his son his car to clear the debts he accumulated? Is he right when he says he wants nothing to do with his son until the son and his girlfriend apologize to him?


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