He Left a Vacation He Planned for His Girlfriend for Their Anniversary After She Brought Her Friends Along


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A Reddit user shared his story of leaving a vacation that he had planned for himself and his girlfriend after she brought her friends along without his permission.

Anniversary Trip

The original poster (OP) explained that he and his girlfriend had been together for five years and wanted to take her on a special vacation to celebrate.

He planned the trip months in advance and ultimately decided on a winter trip in Colorado. OP said he was looking very forward to the trip because he was planning on proposing at the end of the trip.

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Five days before the trip, OP said that his girlfriend invited two friends to meet her there. OP was upset because he hoped to spend some alone time with her for their anniversary.

He said he felt like he had made it clear that the trip was supposed to be just them two. Although he expressed his concerns, she insisted that her friends had already made their plans and wouldn’t be backing out.

OP said he decided to accept it because there wasn’t a way for him to force her friends not to come. He figured they could just change their plans a little, and he would still be able to propose quietly.

He said that despite wanting some alone time with her, she blew him off for her friends, and they didn’t get any private time.

After three days, OP decided to leave and head home. He told his girlfriend why he was leaving, and she was upset. She told her friends about his decision, and they ganged up on him. They insisted that everyone was having a great time. She thinks OP is being a jerk for making her choose between her friends and him, even though the friends weren’t invited in the first place.

OP said he had never had any issues with her friends before the trip and never made her pick before because he thought it was important for her to have friends outside their relationship.

OP said he returned home and is now thinking about everything. He has a day to himself before she comes home.

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She and her friends think he is overreacting and think he ruined the trip. He thinks his girlfriend was disrespectful and rude by ruining the purpose of the trip and having her friends side with her against him.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was definitely on OP’s side in this situation.

One user said, “I just can’t understand why she would think that it was appropriate to invite her friends to a romantic trip firstly and secondly why she didn’t run it pass OP before doing it! What a selfish, inconsiderate, rude and ungrateful act! Then once she forced him to accept it, she leaves him out of things in favour for her friends, who then all gang up and gaslight him accusing him of ruining the holiday. How dare they?!! I’m glad that he has he’s friends with him for support to deal with these rude, selfish, ungrateful gaslighting girls. Then maybe it’s best to put the engagement on hold for now and then review the relationship in peace away from her, so you can get a better perspective.”

Another chimed in, “NTA. Several red flags here:

  1. She invited her friends to come on the trip without talking to you well in advance.

  2. She also refused to tell her friends that they couldn’t come and told you that “they couldn’t change plans” which is totally ridiculous.

  3. She and her friends ganged up on you to make you feel like a jerk when you decided to head home early.

May want to reconsider proposing to her. Do you really want to marry someone who will mess up travel plans and possibly other activities just because she wanted to without taking into account how you feel about the whole thing?”

Should OP’s girlfriend have invited her friends on his trip? Was OP right to leave after she dismissed him in favor of her friends? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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