Putting Love to the Test: When His Plan to Expose His Girlfriend as a GOLD DIGGER Goes Awry



A woman posted on Reddit, narrating how her wealthy brother broke up with his girlfriend of six months after he kept “testing” whether she was a gold digger.

Do You Love My Money or Me?

The original poster (OP) says her brother is doing well. He has been working hard and managed to amass vast wealth by 27. He has been dating his girlfriend for six months.

OP and the girl had become close because they both love makeup, hair, and shopping.

All seemed to be going well in OP’s opinion until her brother’s girlfriend texted her saying she would love to hang out, but she thinks it would be inappropriate because she broke up with OP’s brother.

Curious, OP asked her why they broke up. This girl said she was sick and tired of “auditioning” to prove that she was dating him for the “right reasons.

She went on to say how he was paranoid that she was only dating him for his money, so he would put “tests” that she had to pass to prove that she was not in the relationship for the money.

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Prove That You Are Not After My Money

One of the tests OP’s brother put on his girlfriend was leaving his bank statements lying on the bed to see if his girlfriend would peek.

Spoiler: He got mad when she picked the statements up.

Another day, he invited her girlfriend for dinner at a high-end restaurant but purposefully left his wallet at home. He asked the girlfriend to pay a dinner bill of $500 to prove that she was not with him for the money.

Yes, this man chose the expensive restaurant he could afford, but he still made his girlfriend, an elementary school teacher, pay the huge bill.

And lastly, this man never bought his girlfriend any gifts. So, one day, his girlfriend asked him why she had never received any gift from him, and this is where it all came to a head.

I believe it could have been her way of communicating that her love language is gift-giving and receiving.

His girlfriend had previously gifted him a gaming console and new rims for his car. She later revealed that these gifts ate deep into her savings. (Let’s be honest here, gifting wealthy people can be tricky.)

When she asked his boyfriend why he never buys her any gift, he took it as a cue that she was tactfully asking to be bought an expensive gift.

He confronted her and told her he thought she was with him for his wealth. The girlfriend ended things and later blocked him.

OP says she was shocked to hear what her brother has been doing, so she asked him whether it was true. He agreed that what his ex-girlfriend had said was true but still saw no problem with ensuring his girlfriend loved him and not his money.

OP called him out and told him he was delusional if he thought any woman would be okay with his “tests.”

He has since been upset about “the gold-digging b***” and has been calling OP an ***hole for calling him out.

Redditors Say

One commenter says, “If anything, it sounds like HE was taking advantage of HER. Good lord. I hope OP keeps her as a friend and politely distances herself from her brother. Especially testing a teacher with a $500 dinner bill.”

Another commenter said, “Only ***hole here is the brother. Also — where does she teach that she can afford game consoles, rims, and $500 dinners?? She’s responsible with her money, something you’d think the brother would appreciate… If he weren’t such a shallow ***hat.”

“Seriously, sounds like he was using her for her money since she’s the only one who spent money in the relationship. He fears gold diggers because he, in essence, is one and is projecting his lack of trustworthiness on others.”

Another added, “NTA, it kinda sounds like HE’S a gold digger. “Testing her” would be taking her out to eat and getting separate tabs, not making her pay for everything. And leaving his bank statements on the bed and getting {annoyed} that she looks? HELLO, EVERYONE LOOKS AT PAPERS JUST LEFT ON THEIR BED. Her reactions are NORMAL, and he’s acting like a brat.”

And lastly, a comment that had me thinking, “Well, I do think he is genuinely testing her, but for how much abuse she’ll endure, not whether she’s after his money.”


Is OP being an ***hole for calling out her brother, or is her brother the real ***hole for setting up his tests?

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