He Deliberately Messed With Her Alarm Clock for Refusing To Go to a Party and Caused Her To Miss Her FINAL EXAM



A furious Reddit user shared a story about how her husband messed up her alarm clock on the day she was to sit for her final exams at her University, causing her to miss the exam.

Party, or Exams?

The OP said that she had been married to her husband for a year and was still a university student. On this fateful day, the OP was busy studying for an exam, something she had done for the previous two weeks.

The husband urged her to go to his friend’s birthday party for an hour, but she declined saying that she needed to stay focused for her exam the next morning. The husband called her inconsiderate and selfish but did not force her to attend the party.

Before the OP went to bed late that night, she set her alarm clock –like always. The next morning she woke up late (at 9 am). Panicked, she checked the alarm clock and saw the clock was set for 9.30 am.

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Her husband admitted to changing the alarm time to ‘punish’ her for refusing to attend the previous night’s party. He had added an hour to the time she was to wake up. She yelled at him before rushing to school.

She was not allowed into the exam hall because she did not have a legitimate reason for being late. Getting her exam rescheduled was also a hassle.

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The OP and her husband are not talking to each other. According to the OP, her husband felt hurt that she had yelled at him, and he also thought the OP deserved the punishment since she had refused to attend any form of social gathering while she was studying for her exams.

The Masses Weigh In

The post went viral, and many people in the Reddit Community sided with the OP, with many saying her husband was controlling, selfish, and probably deserved a divorce.

“He is controlling. He didn’t take her no for an answer. He tried to manipulate her into doing what he wanted. When she didn’t do it b/c he asked, he insisted. Tried to force it. When that didn’t work, he tried manipulation,” said one user.

Others quickly supported this thought, with another person saying, “He is trying to control you since you have a real future and options. If you get that degree, he is attempting to set you up for failure so you will then have to depend on him. This is a extremely controlling action and a super major first step into a awful abusive future you have with this man.”

Op’s Husband Sabotaged Her Willingly

Another user said that the OP’s husband did what he did in the full knowledge that his wife would be late for the exam, “He did this totally out of spite KNOWING it would cause you to be late to your exam.”


Another noted that his lack of ambition may make him jealous: “He knowingly sabotages your education/future over selfish reasons. Let me guess, he’s not exactly the ambitious type? Everyone who ever had to work really hard for a goal would fully understand that sometimes you just have to work while others are having fun.”

“He’s sabotaging your academic future, which is also tied to your career. He’s doing this deliberately,” retorted a different person.

A Friend’s Party Is More Important Than Op’s Academic Future

According to one user, the OP’s husband thought that a friend’s party was more important than his wife’s future, “Your husband thinks a party is more important than your academic future. Not even a party for someone important to you. His friend. And when you tell him you can’t accommodate that, he takes it upon himself to punish you.”

This Could Be Grounds for Divorce

There were numerous comments about how the OP should consider divorcing her husband because he actively wanted to sabotage her future.

“This definitely calls for divorce. You told him that you didn’t want to go to a party, because you had an exam the next day. That’s completely normal. This punishment is insane. He’s punishing you for what exactly?” One user asked.

Another said, “I think you need to reconsider your marriage to this man who actively sabotaged you and your future.”

One noted that the husband’s actions were not in line with someone willing to support her, “This is not someone who supports you in your goals. He is also petty, vindictive, and blaming the victim. Get him out of your life as soon as you can.”

He Will Sabotage Your Professional Career as Well

A user argued that if OP’s husband were willing to easily sabotage her academic career, he would do the same for her professional one, “this man just showed you he will not think twice about sabotaging your academic career. What makes you think your professional career will be safe?”

He Cost Her a Lot of Money and Effort

According to another user, by sabotaging her, OP’s husband could have potentially caused her thousands of dollars, time, and effort, “He might have cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the hours of effort and struggle you took.”

There Could Be a Deeper Problem in the Marriage

A user suspected that there may be other underlying issues in the marriage and asked, “How often is it that your husband does things to “teach you a lesson?”

Adults in a Marriage Need To Communicate

Other users urged the OP to talk with her husband, with one user saying, “Adults talk about their wants, consider others’ feelings and are willing to compromise.”

Another user supported this sentiment saying, “Tell your husband that doing well on your exams is important to your future and that there will be other events/activities you can join him for once you’re done with school.”

What would you have done if you were in OP’s shoes? Do you think she was justified in being angry with her husband?

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