No Vacation? No Work! Man Quits Job After Losing Vacation Time Leaving Company in Chaos



Read on to hear about Jimmy, a man who worked for years at a company. After the company was sold to new owners, they refused to honor their existing vacation agreement, so Jimmy left and took something important with him.

Vacation Time

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The original poster used to work in a company that gave the employees generous amounts of vacation. Anyone who had been in the company for more than 25 years was given eight weeks of vacation and two weeks of personal time.

The family-owned company was relatively large, as it had over 250 employees.

Now, this story is not about the OP. It is about Jimmy, a 63-year-old man who used to work in the company. Jimmy had been working for the company since he was 20 years old!

Irreplaceable Employee

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He was one of those employees you could not just replace as you wish. He used to make a specific part of the company’s product. The only other person who knew to make this part of the product was higher in the corporate ranks.

So, one day, the company owner comes in and announces that he is selling the plant. He says he is old and ready to retire. He assures the employees that there will be very little change and even wishes them well.

Tougher New Policies

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Enter the new owners. The first thing the new company went after was all the great benefits the employees had. They started by getting rid of the long vacation time.

They cut it from a maximum of 8 weeks down to 4 weeks and completely did away with the two weeks of personal time. They then gave people up to the end of the year to use their vacation time.

Firing Spree

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Next, they went on a firing spree. They fired everyone close to their retirement, including Jimmy’s backup. Now it was only Jimmy who could do his job in the building.

Next, they removed the rule that said you needed to have your vacation approved. All the employees had to do was call in and take their vacation time.

Jimmy was displeased with the changes going on. Since the new management was aware he was the only one who could do what he did, they hired a new person and asked Jimmy to train him.

On the first day of training, he calls in, letting the company know he is taking his vacation. He then proceeds and takes ten weeks off.

Applying for New Jobs

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At first, it was not a problem because the company had in-stock parts that Jimmy made. The operation kept going on well while Jimmy was away. He, however, was out there applying for other jobs.

He got hired and started at a new company.

Ten weeks later, it was the day Jimmy was supposed to report back to work, but he didn’t. They called him for the first two days but could not get a hold of him. They go to his house, but Jimmy is nowhere to be found.

And then, on the 3rd day, Jimmy called, and he resigned.

Good Luck Replacing Me

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The parts Jimmy made for the company had been specialized and patented by the original owner. The only way out for them was to have the original owner come in to train new hires.

They contact the founder, who gets super mad about the changes that have happened to the company but still agrees to come in and train new hires but charges them seven figures.

They had to go pay this, or they would have to close down.

Redditors Say

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Scrolling through the comments, almost everybody was applauding Jimmy. One said, “Jimmy is a beast! Good for him.”

Another comment said, “This sorta reinforces my notion that companies are sort of like countries. The death of the founder of a country/dynasty often marked its death because those inheriting didn’t know the secret sauce to keep the country together. Make it past the first inheritor, and the country has a chance.”

Bad Move

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However, some comments were not that into Jimmy’s move. For instance, one said, “Nothing good came out of this for Jimmy, though. He’s old, lost his future retirement and benefits, and is now unknown at some other company.”

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