Bachelorette Party Gone Wild: Maid of Honor Considers Quitting Over Costly $3,500 Extravaganza!



The original poster in the “Bridezilla” subreddit narrates a nasty experience she has had after her “friend” appointed her the maid of honor. She has faced insensitivity, bullying, and unrealistic expectations from the team and is strongly considering backing out.

Should she?

Turbulent Friendship

OP has been friends with the bride-to-be for ten years. OP describes the friendship as “turbulent” but still agreed to be her friend’s maid of honor when she was asked.

The whole wedding preparation have been problematic. These problems have prompted OP to quit the maid of honor position altogether. The first big issue was when the bride texted the bridal team a date for a bachelorette party in the Bahamas. They would be flying out for two nights, costing each $3500.

OP tried to fight this back but got opposition from the bride and other bride’s maids. They, however, finally decided to go for a $600 trip to Nashville.

At the time of this decision, the trip was six months away, so OP wanted to flight-watch in order to get the best prices. She was called difficult for not agreeing to book the flight right away.

The second issue OP had was the designer dresses they were supposed to wear for the wedding. The dresses cost $400 pre-alteration. The bridal team labeled her insensitive when she questioned the price of the dresses.

Putting Up With Bullies

So, the time to go to Nashville comes, and they all fly to their destination. While there, OP was hungry and wanted to eat when everyone else on the team wouldn’t eat. They decide to take photos as OP orders a cheeseburger. They went ahead and took OP’s pics as she ate, just to make fun of her.

They also made fun of OP for taking a nap and also took her pictures for this. Overall, OP was putting up with the bullying and never said anything, even when the team rudely turned down her reservation suggestions.

One night, the bride caught stomach flu after drinking on an empty stomach. The entire team was determined to skip meals. This experience ruined the remaining part of the trip as they had to spend the rest of the time in an Airbnb and cancel almost all their food reservations.

At the trip’s end, the team had spent over $2000 each. OP said the trip had been unnecessarily expensive, and they shouldn’t have gone. The rest of the team called her rude and selfish. For this comment, the bride ended up ignoring OP, and she says that was the last straw for her. She got fed up.

When she made this post, the wedding was less than two months away, but she decided she would no longer be putting up with the bullying.

OP says it is painful for her to drop everything, especially after spending thousands of dollars. Her other friends have advised her to drop the maid of honor role and the friendship altogether.

Would she be wrong for quitting the bridal party? She wants to be done with the insane demands, bullying and insensitivity, and feeling out of place, but she is not sure if it is a good move to back out now that she is way deep into it.

Redditors Weigh In

Scrolling down the comments, many users asked OP to drop the role and reconsider the friendship immediately. Here are some comments that caught my attention.

“Honestly, it’s a miracle you’ve stayed this long. The second I heard about $3.5k just for a bachelorette, I would’ve gone ghost. Drop this bougie **s bride and her mean girl squad; save you some money, lol.”

“Why would you stay when you were treated so abysmally by your ‘friend’? Bail and never look back. Seriously, OP, the minute they started in on you with the mean Girling and the bride joined in, any obligation you had to be a bridesmaid was over at that point. My barometer for how much I will extend myself is whether or not the other person would do the same for me. Would the bride spend $3,500 to go to your bachelorette? Would she spend the kind of cash on you she’s asking you to spend? Very doubtful,” another added.

And finally, another said,  “Dump her and move on with your life. Your only regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.”


Update: Later on, OP updated the post saying the bride uninvited her before she could drop the whole maid of honor thing. Good riddance.


Would you have stayed long with these demands and insensitive treatment?


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