He Applied For A Job Where His Cousin Works To Show Him They Can; Cousin Says He Has “Inferiority Complex”


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A Reddit user shared their story of applying to their cousin’s company so that they could get a better position than him.

Family Competition

The original poster (OP) explained that they and their cousin are almost the same age and went to university and studied the same thing.

OP ended up taking an internship and then a full-time position with a company halfway through university and did not go on to pursue a Master’s. OP’s cousin went on to get his Master’s and started working years after OP.

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OP’s cousin made sure to tell OP what a mistake they made by not getting their Master’s degree. He said that OP will always get paid less than him and no company would give OP higher roles.

He added that OP would likely get stuck at the bottom of the ladder. At Christmas, he told OP that now that he has both a Master’s degree and four years of work experience, he would overtake OP quickly.

He said that he would soon be applying for a higher role in his company and that he knew they would never hire someone without a Master’s degree for that role.

OP then decided to be petty and applied to their cousin’s company for that exact role. OP said they got the offer this week, and it is higher than OP expected.

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OP said they told their cousin about the offer, and their cousin threw a fit. He called OP petty and said it was insane that they would go to such lengths because of their “inferiority complex.”

OP said the entire family is on his side and are treating OP like a jealous, mean bully. OP said that while it was petty, nobody stuck up for OP when their cousin called them a nobody at Christmas.

OP said they just wanted to prove their cousin wrong and test themselves.

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The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was quick to support OP.

One user said, “NTA his logic is so strange. “You wouldnt be able to do this” *you doing it* “HEY, THATS NOT ALLOWED.”

Another added, “NTA, but I’m guessing this goes much further back. Did you excel at something he couldn’t do as a child or teen? This level of competition is crazy. People need to stop comparing themselves to others. I’m directing this comment at Oliver, not OP. Either way, OP got that job on their own and has every right to be proud of themself.”

Another chimed in, “NTA. Turn this around. Tell him, yes he gave you the idea, but you are so thankful that he did, as it really helped out your career.”

Was OP right to apply for the job? Was it fair for their cousin to make the comments that he did? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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