She Took a Payday Loan To Pay for an Anime Convention Trip, and the Consequences Came Biting Harder Than She Thought


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How far are you willing to go to fund your hobby? Some hobbies can be expensive, but would it be worth taking a payday loan for? OP(original poster), who fully depends on her parents, took a payday loan for her hobby but wouldn’t take the consequences that come with it. She posted in the “Am I the aita” subreddit, wanting to know whether she deserved the consequences or if her parents were being unnecessarily harsh on her.

Luxuries vs. Needs

So, the original poster, a 20-year-old college student, entirely depends on her parents for rent, tuition, car insurance, and food.

She is also into anime, cosplay, and gaming. She says it has been her dream to go to a big convention in her cosplay. Her friend suggested they go to LVL UP because it had everything they liked. The badges to get in were not expensive, but they decided to go big on accommodation so that they could host parties in their room.

The total cost of the trip, including airfare, accommodation, food, and the badge, came to about $3500. She had $2000 on her, which she was supposed to pay towards her credit card.

She, however, decided to get a payday loan to top up so that she could have the trip fully paid for.

No Longer a Secret

OP wanted to keep this a secret but unfortunately missed the first payday loan payment. She had been dodging their calls, so they found her parent’s contacts and called.

Her parents have been on her case. Her father says he has pardoned her choices enough since she missed her credit card payments and got a payday loan. He has given her the choice of moving out of home or attending a community college while working in his company. He insisted that OP chooses what to go with, or he would completely cut her off.

Are They Overreacting?

OP seemingly thought her mother would back her, but she was wrong. She harshly called her out, referring to her as a “spoilt Instagram ***hole.”

OP says she understands she messed up but still believes her parents were overreacting. She says she only gets to do such fun things while she is young and in college. She thinks her parents should give her enough grace to make such mistakes and learn from them.

OP admits that she messed up, but ata? Are her parents overreacting?

When Do People Take Payday Loans?

First, the commenters unanimously labeled OP the ***hole, but for different reasons.

Many did not understand why OP would take a payday loan when she did not have an emergency.

One user said, “YTA in so many ways, OP. Payday lenders are a disgusting, predatory industry designed to capitalize on people with no choice. I’ve never heard of someone taking out a payday loan and agreeing to the monumental interest rates they provide unless they absolutely needed money right away to keep a roof over their head or feed their children, and even then, it’s a terrible decision that will ultimately blow up in their face.”

Financing Luxuries You Cannot Afford

Hobbies are luxuries that should not cost you an arm and a leg. OP seemingly could not draw a line between necessities and luxuries.

One commenter said, “YTA – Taking a loan for a $3k vacation is one of the least responsible things I have ever heard. You could not afford it. You did not deserve it. You don’t go. That’s life as a responsible grown-up.”

Another added, “YTA – sounds terrible; hobbies are great, but only if you can afford them.”

And lastly, “YTA big time. You depend on your parents for almost everything. You took out a ridiculous payday loan to not miss this stupid convention (nice show of responsibility). You took out thousands, made a point to hide it from your parents, and still managed to miss your first payment. Are you kidding?.”

Gracious Parents

OP focuses on the harsh calling out she received. However, many people still believe her parents were gracious enough to offer her options considering that she depended on them for everything.

One commenter said, “In their infinite generosity, love, and concern for her, they are offering to continue funding her living arrangements and education AND give her a job with the condition that they more closely supervise her. She’s proven a few times over that she’s not ready for adult responsibility and privileges. If she doesn’t want to accept these very generous conditions for their continued financial support (which is essentially them giving her “another chance”), that’s on her.”

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