He Has 4 Kids but She Brings Food for Only One Child and the Others Feel Left Out; You Need To Bring For All or None


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A viral video posted on Facebook and other social media platforms elicited a lot of mixed reactions from thousands of viewers. In the video, a man is seen approaching a woman after she parks on his driveway and walks to the front porch holding a McDonald’s package and a large juice.

The man (who recorded the whole interaction on his phone) immediately started cursing at her. He told her he had a problem with her bringing only one meal for her child while three more kids were in the house.

Four Children From Different Girlfriends

The man has four children from different ex-girlfriends, and they all live with the father in the same house. One of the ex-girlfriends has a habit of occasionally bringing food to her son, and this infuriates the father because the other children feel left out.

Bring Food for Everyone

When filming this video, he told her that she either brought food for all the kids in the house or none at all. He said he felt that the kid was receiving special treatment than the others, and he wanted them to grow together as a family.

She told him that she was right in bringing her child food as she wished, and if he felt the other kids were being left out he should ask the other mothers to bring food or buy himself. He took the package she had carried and threw it away before calling her stupid. She drove off infuriated, and she never got to see her son.

The Masses Weigh In

The masses online had many diverse opinions on this video. Some supported the father’s actions, while others sided with the mother. We have sampled some of the best responses here.

Let her take her baby out, and she can treat her baby. why come on and bash ??? do something about it; either slip her some extra cash 💰 to get other babies’ food or go get it yourself. Personally, I wouldn’t take to one and not all, but that’s me, but why should she be responsible for feeding all of them!? just be adults and work it out. there’s ways to fix this mess. buy groceries for lunch and dinner that will feed all of the kiddos. not just one parent having to be responsible for all the food. a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter goes a long way just saying

A child is a child, been in that situation it’s not right for the other children. Come every 4th day and bring 4 McDonald’s so they all can eat.

She Is Only Responsible for Her Child

The man so toxic….she’s not obligated to buying MC for the other kids. Call the other baby mamma’s – Paula

I’m siding with her. That’s her child. You get MC D’s for your other children or have their moms bring them food- Colin

As a parent, you are responsible for your child; since you have four kids, you’re responsible for feeding all of those children; she has one child she’s responsible for her one child is optional if she wants to bring food for all the others if her finances afford her to do so a lot of people can go back and forth what he did to her by throwing that food in the yard that way because he’s financially unable to provide for all of his kids and evidently she can provide for the one that she has with him but if she was going to a restaurant she had to get something for all of them not just her child I understand that but with all things considering he’s wrong and she’s right she’s feeding her child – Pavin Brown

Give Her Money

You want them to have food that comes from a restaurant; give her money in that way she can buy all the kids something. That’s not her responsibility to take care of your children. Now you are married, that’s a whole different story, but because she is bringing food to her child, that’s what you do – ChaCha Scott

I look at it, if you bring for one you can bring for the rest, because you would say the same thing to him if it was the other way around, so I agree with him – Sandra

Why Isn’t Her Son With Her

I Understand What He’s Saying…If She’s Such A Great Mom Why Isn’t Her Son With Her ??? He’s Parenting All His Kids Which Seems Honorable…He’s Got To Keep Things Fair…I’d Feel Bad If I Had To Hand One Of My Children A Meal That Every Kid Loves While One Eats The Others Can Only Watch ??? It’s Not Too Hard To Imagine That Would Be Difficult…Sorry I Have To Side With Dad…Except I Wouldn’t Throw It Away…Id Divide It Up & Call It Hors ‘d oeuvres – Deborah

Do you think the mother was wrong in bringing food to her kid and leaving the others out? How could this situation have been handled better? Was the father right in throwing away the food and calling her stupid?


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Originally posted 2023-06-22 11:00:46.