The Real Star of King Charles’s Coronation? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Prove To Be the Most Popular



As the TV coverage of King Charles’ coronation on Saturday was watched by an estimated 11.7 million households in the US, it was interesting to check how fascinated Americans are with the royal family. Who was the most popular Royal?


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The historic coronation of King Charles III took place on Saturday, May 6th. The coronation took place despite in-fighting within the Royal Family. Prince Harry famously released his memory, Spare, just this year to serious critical acclaim and success. The coronation seems to be the first time he has seen his family since it was released. It was certainly the first time he saw them in public, although “saw” is a strong word. Harry sat a few rows back and seemed to be in England for the ceremony only, quickly hopping on a commercial flight back to Los Angeles. Meghan Markle did not attend at all.

Most Popular Royal Family Member

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The team at SuperBettingSites looked at Google search volumes for several members of the British royal family, including King CharlesWilliam, and Harry, as well as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. After analyzing the data, they found that, unsurprisingly, Meghan Markle, the only American member of the royal family, was the top searched royal in the United States over the past year.

Second Most Popular

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Interestingly, her husband, Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is the most searched-for member of the royal family in half of the states (exactly 25). Meghan, in comparison, is the top searched royalty in 18 states, while Prince William was the top result in two states. King Charles, Queen Camilla, and the Princess of Wales do not appear on the map at all since their names were not amongst the top search terms for the time period.

Meghan Markle

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Former actress Meghan Markle is the most searched-for royalty on Google in the United States in terms of overall search interest, with a search volume index of 18.1 against her husband’s index of 18.

Prince Harry

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In terms of search interest by state, Prince Harry is the most popular member of the royal family. He is the top searched term (compared to the others) in 25 states, while the overall index (18.0) for his name nearly reaches that of his spouse.

Prince William

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Over the past 12 months, Prince William was the most searched member of the royal family in only two states, namely Virginia and Alaska. The elder son of the King, who is also the heir apparent, is not very popular among Americans, at least compared to his brother and sister-in-law.

Kate Middleton

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According to the Google Trends data for the past 12 months, Kate Middleton is not very popular among Americans.

King Charles III

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Interestingly, when we look for search volume data for King Charles III, he does not even make the top 3 most searched royalties in the United States.

Prince Henry’s Relationship With Family Strained Ahead Of Coronation Due To Release Of Memoir

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, released his memoir, “Spare” on January 10, and since then, criticism has been flying from all sides.

Although the residents of Buckingham Palace have remained silent on the matter, sources say that the relationship between Harry and his family has been “torn to shreds.”

Prince Henry’s Relationship With Family Ahead of Coronation Due To Release of Memoir 

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Did William purposely leave Harry behind as the family rushed to say goodbye to the Queen?

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Prince Harry Faces Backlash Over Memoir “Spare,” “Recollections May Vary”

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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, released his memoir, “Spare” on January 10, and since then, it’s made history.

Outsold only by another Harry (aka Harry Potter), Guinness World Records confirmed that “Spare” became the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time after selling 1.43 million copies during its first day of sales in the UK, US, and Canada.

Prince Harry Faces Backlash Over Memoir “Spare,” “Recollections May Vary”

Twitter Reacts To Prince Harry’s Bombshell Memoir, “Spare”

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Many Twitter users had much to say about the tell-all book taking the world by storm.

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