He Took It Upon Himself To Tell His Girlfriend’s Mother That She No Longer Practiced the Religion She Was Brought up In


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OP (original poster) thought it was not bad to “out” his girlfriend to her mother. His girlfriend had dropped the religion she had been brought up in but was not ready to inform her parents. He introduced himself to her mother and immediately “outed” her.

When his girlfriend called him out, he posted on the “AITA” subreddit asking whether he was in the wrong.

Not Ready Yet

OP’s girlfriend was born and raised in a religious family. She had upheld her religious beliefs until two years ago when she started having doubts. She does not hate religion or anything; she just thinks it is not for her.

OP met her about a year and a half ago, but they have been together for a year. When OP met her, she was still questioning things, but after five months, she officially became agnostic.

She has never told her parents because she wanted to be sure of her decision.

Outed Her to Her Parents

Recently, they were out when they met her mother. Her mother went up to them and asked how she had been. OP’s girlfriend started stuttering and was not sure what to say.

At this point, OP took it upon himself and introduced himself as OP’s boyfriend and went ahead and said his girlfriend was not part of the religion she was brought up in.

Wrong Place, Wrong Messenger, Wrong Timing

OP’s girlfriend and her mother were caught off guard.

OP’s girlfriend asked him why he said that. He thinks it has been a long since she dropped her Islam religion, so it should not be a problem for her parents.

OP’s girlfriend and her mother walked away chatting. Her mother was shocked but said it would take time for her to adjust. She said that as long as her daughter was happy, she would have to adjust and be happy for her.

He Thought Things Turned Out Great

According to OP, things turned out great.

Later, his girlfriend messaged him telling him it was so out of line for him to say something that was not in his place. She said she was going to tell it to her parents privately when she was ready.

In his defense, OP said things did turn out great.

She thinks he is an ***hole and untrustworthy for revealing her new status to her parents.

Later, her friends and siblings texted OP, calling him a coward who could not shut his mouth.

The Masses Weigh In

The commenters agreed that OP was an ***hole and revealing the information to her mother was not in his place.

One user said, “Wait. You meet Mum for the first time, introduce yourself and decide to inform her that her daughter no longer practices their religion, all in one conversation? Who the hell do you think you are? That was not your information or the time to share it. You are a RAGING YTA”

Potentially Dangerous

His girlfriend’s mother seemingly understood and was nice about it. However, many commenters noted that what he did was potentially dangerous as people have been killed for dropping their religions.

He had no reason to out her when she was not ready.

“He outed her, which could have endangered her; there was no reason for him to do so and to do it the first time they met. That girl needs to run for the hills.”

Manipulation Tactic

Many users labeled him as manipulative. He seemingly wants to break all the relationships she had so that he can have her all to himself. Many noted that it was a control tactic.

One user said, “He does not respect her; he thinks he has a right to control and have a say over her family and the relationships she has with her family. She can not trust nor respect him, and it will get worse if this is the very first time he meets them. Then how will he control future interactions? All I can see is a controlling manipulative ***hole.”

It is clear he does not value other relationships his girlfriend has. Should she break it off with him? 



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