He Shot at Them for Playing Loud Music in the Woods and They Slashed His Car Tires as Payback


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A Reddit user shared a story about how they slashed someone’s car tires after he shot at them for playing loud music in the woods.

Somebody Shot at Them

According to the OP, they were in the middle of the woods enjoying nature while listening to music when a weirdo shot at them three times for playing music from a speaker. The OP and her ex had arrived at their destination only to find a bunch of other people present. Everyone kept to themselves until when the OP played music that triggered the unfortunate series of events.

The OP said the weirdo never asked them to turn off the music before shooting at them. Luckily, no one was hurt. The ex-boyfriend insisted they call the cops.

Slashed His Car Tires

When they got to the parking lot, everyone had left after hearing the shots. There was only one car in the lot. The OP and her boyfriend deduced that the car belonged to the weirdo that had shot at them and decided to slash all four tires. Once they got service to call the cops, they came to investigate.

The car’s owner had the perfect excuse saying that the people who had shot at the OP may have also deflated his car. The police didn’t doubt him, and the OP never came forward to confess.

The OP was reminiscing about how slashing the tire was a bad decision on their part because they allowed a creep to get away after shooting at them.

What the Masses Thought About This Confession

Reddit users had different opinions, with many saying that the OP should not complain because they paid a wrong with another wrong and they had no concrete evidence.

“Your word against his unless you can get the others who were there to testify. (Can you?) If nobody else comes forward, he’ll probably slide. I doubt it’s because of the tires.

The cops would be putting a lot more effort into it had there been a bullet hole in a person or vehicle (in that order),” observed one user.

Another agreed, saying, “There’s no true evidence u were shot at, only ur word against his, but they do have evidence of the four slashed tires. Doubt they will put any effort into this…”

You Committed a Crime

Another pointed out the mistake they made, “You missed out on the funniest part, which is that they called the cops AFTER committing a crime. Like, be a vigilante or be a bootlicker, you do you, but it’s not gonna go well if you try to do both AT THE SAME TIME.”

You Shouldn’t Be Playing Loud Music

A user reasoned out why people go to take time in the woods, “Maybe consider the possibility that people that go out to get away in the woods don’t want to listen to your music. Same applies at the beach, the pool, the train, anywhere really.”

Another person shared this sentiment, “How about don’t blast your music full stop. Maybe other people came to the woods for peace and quiet. Maybe a mental rest period. Maybe to get some rest from the city and its jerks blasting music. Can you enjoy music without the whole countryside hearing it as well.”

Its Vandalism

One Reddit user pointed out that the OP should not have called the cops after slashing the car tires, “The thing is, you’ve shot yourself in the foot here, really, because you slashed the tires and called the police instead of doing one or the other, you haven’t really got a good outcome on either because you’ve done both.”

What they did amounts to vandalism; according to another user, “This would be a funny sitcom episode; also, this is the second post I’ve seen today about someone vandalizing another person’s car and it having a bad effect on the vandal. You learn a new thing every day, and today’s thing is that you shouldn’t vandalize people’s cars.”

Would you have confessed to the cops about slashing the tires if you were In OP’s position?


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Originally posted 2023-07-22 12:00:55.