She Ruined Her Friend’s Gender Reveal, but Her Friend Was Kind of Asking for It

Claire Conway


A Reddit user shared her story of ruining her friend’s gender reveal. Ruining a gender reveal is not a good thing, but she may have had a good reason. She came to Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong or not.

Keep It Secret

The original poster (OP) explained that her friend really wants to do a gender reveal, so she had the ultrasound technician write the gender on a piece of paper and put in an envelope, which was then given to OP. She asked OP to order the smoke cannons for her, her husband, and their kids to pop at a photography session.

OP said she doesn’t really see the point of gender reveals but was honored to be chosen as the one to be in charge of putting everything together.

When she gave OP the envelope, she said that OP couldn’t tell her the gender under any circumstances. OP obviously agreed. OP had the envelope for two weeks and had ordered the cannons.

The gender reveal was a few days away, and her friend began blowing up her phone begging her to tell her what the gender is. She would then follow up with another text saying actually she didn’t want to know.

OP said it had been going back and forth like that. OP said the texts were annoying, but she ignored them and understood that her friend was just excited.

Then OP said that her friend began bothering her at work. OP said she works an office job and is in and out of meetings all day. The first time OP’s friend called her at work, OP asked her to “chill out” and stop calling her at work. She reminded her friend that she made OP promise not to tell and she would find out soon enough.

Cat’s Out of the Bag

One day, OP had an especially bad day at work. She was stuck in a meeting with a difficult client when the receptionist came in and told her that she had an urgent phone call. OP thought it was her child’s school, so she excused herself  and took the call. It was her friend again. OP snapped and told her that if she wanted to know so badly, it was a boy. Then she hung up the phone. OP’s husband doesn’t think she did anything wrong because there is only so much one person can take.

However, their mutual friends are calling her a jerk and saying she should have just kept her mouth shut. OP posted an update saying that she discovered that her friend had been telling their mutual friends a different story than what actually happened. OP’s friend never mentioned that she was blowing up both OP’s personal and work phone asking about the gender.

All she told their friends was “OP couldn’t keep a secret and just had to tell me and ruined the surprise.” OP’s friends were angry that the friend had lied about the circumstances, and the friend texted OP telling her that she’s a bad friend and she shouldn’t have told them the truth.

Was OP justified in snapping at her friend? Should she have kept quiet and not said anything? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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Originally posted 2023-04-08 10:21:12.