He Refused To Let His Roommate Into the Apartment Because She Smelled Bad So He Held The Door Shut


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A Reddit user shared a story about how her apartment mate got mad at her because she shut the door to prevent her from coming in because she was stinking.

A Smelly Encounter With a Camel at the Fair

The OP shares an apartment with another woman. The apartment mate had attended a ‘fair’ that had all sorts of animals and attractions. This was within walking distance from the apartment. The apartment mate got spat on by a camel and texted the OP to warn her that she was coming home.

The OP saw her coming up the steps looking miserable, and when she went to greet her, she was hit with a pungent smell from 20 feet away. She couldn’t take it and went back inside and closed the door.

You Can’t Come In

The apartment mate tried to open the door, but the OP begged her to go away and shower. She told her she could not let her in. OP advised her to go look for a hose or something or shower somewhere, but she would not let her into the apartment smelling like that.

Eventually, she walked away and came back an hour later, soaking wet. The OP opened the door, and although the smell had dwindled, it was still there. She jumped straight into the shower, but the OP could still smell it throughout the living room, and it made her feel sick.

They’re Mad at Each Other

They are currently mad at each other. The apartment mate is mad that the OP dared to keep the door shut, and the OP is mad that she came back before the smell was gone. The OP turned to the Reddit community to find out whether what she did was wrong.

The Masses Weigh In

One user noted that this bordered on illegal, “it’s likely illegal. If she’s paying rent to live there, you can’t just randomly lock her out because you don’t like how she smells. When people are dirty and gross, the place they clean themselves up is their bathroom, which you blocked her from. The right thing to do would have been to leave while she gets cleaned up and come back with air freshener.”

How Inconsiderate

Another noted that the OP was very inconsiderate, “That’s her home, that’s where she’s meant to clean off where else was she meant to do. That’s absolutely disgusting of you to do, sure it smelt but she was probably embarrassed and in a terrible mood, imagine having to walk home like that too and just thinking of a nice shower and curling up in bed to just have someone hold the literal door closed on the apartment you pay to live in.

You could’ve locked yourself in your room after Opening up all the windows, sprayed the place down with fabreeze after, or just been a decent human being. I hope there are some repercussions for what you did because you sound absolutely vile and inconsiderate.”

You Should Be More Compassionate

“I would never forgive a roommate if they did this to me. Locking someone out of their own home while they’re suffering from being covered in a stench that bad?? You had options. You could’ve left until she got cleaned up. She was the one in the horrible predicament. And you prevented her from entering her own home…?” asked one.

One user pointed out that it was an accident, and the OP should have been more compassionate, “I get that the smell was awful, but come on, it was an unfortunate accident. You could have shown some compassion and offered her a temporary solution instead of treating her like a biohazard.”

You Made a Bad Situation Worse

“You should have left and allowed her to get cleaned up in peace. Maybe if you had helped her, the smell wouldn’t be so bad. You could have brought her clothes so she could leave the contaminated ones outside,” added another user.

A shower would have done wonders, notes one user, “You don’t have the right to keep her out of her own place. Where did you really expect her to go and get cleaned up? Jumping in some water isn’t going to get rid of the smell… you know what does… a shower, but you wouldn’t let her, and that’s deplorable.”

Do you think the OP was right in locking her apartment mate out? What would you have done if you were in the OP’s shoes?

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