He Risked His Life Knowingly So That He Could Get His Boss Fired for Forcing Him To Do a Task He Shouldn’t Have Done


man with severe allergies.

A Reddit user shared a story about how her boyfriend knowingly risked his life by working with peanuts (which he was allergic to) because his boss did not believe him.

Allergic to Peanut? Liar, Get To Work!

The OP’s boyfriend (Jake) worked at a smoothie shop alongside 3 other people and his boss, Michael. Jake was allergic to peanuts and the only stipulation he had was he does not work with peanuts. He was excused.

On this specific day, they were making protein balls and they normally use peanut butter to do so. During rush hour Jake was at the sink when Michael threw a large bowl of leftover peanuts and told Jake to wash it. Jake told him he couldn’t but Michael insisted. Jake complied.

After 5 minutes Jake’s hands and arms were covered in hives. Jake took a picture of his hands and sent it to the workgroup where the owners were with the caption “Can someone cover my shift? I’m a tad under the weather”

He left before anyone responded. The owners came with a girl who covered the rest of Jake’s shift. They yelled at the manager because the manager knew that Jake was allergic to peanuts.

The next day they called Jake and apologized. They fired Michael after investigating further and finding out that he stole money from the registers and was acting creepy to high school girls.

The owners liked Jake and they gave him an espresso machine when he left employment.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community had a great time reliving their own petty revenge stories similar to the OP’s. Here are some of the juiciest ones;

“I very stupidly tried to give myself an allergic reaction in order to postpone a college midterm for my best friend and I (she would have to “take care of me”), but was thankfully thwarted: I had apparently aged out of my childhood cranberry allergy. I’ve developed numerous food allergies since then, but still have no problems eating cranberries.”

“Sounds like when I told my boss I couldn’t use the glass cleaner without gloves. He didn’t believe me as his hands came out fine. Okay, great but you don’t have extremely sensitive skin. The following day when my hands were red still and the skin was cracking and bleeding… then he believed me.”

“I still have 3 little, curved scars on my left index finger/webbed area down towards the thumb, from when I was 13 and our teacher expected us to do linoleum carving. I didn’t like it, was sloppy, and after the 3rd cut (Right at the base/knuckle, on the side of the hand/finger), all pf which were bloody, he gave up, and let me use the clay turning tables. For the rest of the year.


“Honestly, I have done similar things. When I’ve told someone I can’t be out in the sun too long because I will burn quickly and badly, then they throw a fit so I’d stay out working in the yard all day and suddenly I’m so burnt I can’t move.”

Another user suggested the owners should probably reconsider their HR policies, “Bosses hired a creepy thief and a guy with a peanut allergy to work in a store that sells food with peanuts in it. They should fire themselves.”

Not many people offered sober advice but several users did, like this one, “As someone with severe allergies, please tell him to take an epi if his throat starts to swell. There are so many horror stories of people dying because they just took Benadryl and not their epi.”

Another suggested that the owners had deeper intentions, “Sounds like the owners wanted to get rid of Michael all along and just needed an excuse to fire him without getting hit by a lawsuit.”

Would you risk your life knowing you have such an allergy just to prove a point?

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