Bride-to-Be Refuses to Let Stepfather Give Her Away, Prompting Financial Dispute


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A video about a stepdad’s refusal to pay for his stepdaughter’s wedding, because she wants her biological dad to walk her down the aisle, went viral on social media and elicited a lot of mixed reactions from different people.

His Stepdaughter Is Getting Married

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According to the narrator (the stepdad), his daughter just graduated from college. He paid for her education to the tune of $40,000. He had also bought her a car after she finished high school. The daughter still lives with her stepdad and her mother, and she does not have a job at the moment. She was set to be married in August, and for over 6 months the whole family was indulged in planning for the wedding.

Her biological father does not contribute anything to her upkeep. Nevertheless, the daughter adores him even after he made many promises that he never fulfilled.

You Can’t Invite Your Friends

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The daughter invited 250 people to her wedding. The stepdad told her that he had a list of 20 people he wanted to invite to the wedding. He was the one paying for the wedding and providing the venue.

Later when the stepdad asked one of his friends if they would be available at the wedding, he told him that he had never received an invite.

The stepdad talked to his wife and told him she did not invite any of the 20 people on his list. She told him 250 people was a little tight, but they would invite the ones on his list if the others did not RSVP. The stepdad was pissed.

They Ignored His Contribution

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When he checked the invitations he paid for, they did not have his name but had her mother and biological dad’s names printed.

A couple of days later, the stepdad was hosting the wedding party at his house. He was surprised when the real father showed up. The stepdaughter stood up and announced that her real father would give her away at the wedding. This took the stepdad by surprise.

The stepdad also decided to make a toast to the bride and her fiance.

You’ve Been Treating Me Like an ATM

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He then addressed his girlfriend and his stepdaughter. In his speech, he told them he was grateful they had shown him his real position in the family. He told them he realized they had been treating him as an ATM. He let them know he was no longer supporting the wedding financially as he was relinquishing this role to the real dad.

Later that night, the mother came to him to tell him how he was ruining everything by backing out and withdrawing his financial support. She showed him all the preparations they had made to give the daughter her dream wedding.

I Will Not Be Attending the Wedding

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The stepdad was annoyed to learn that all the daughter-dad dances were scheduled with the real dad. The stepdad was also allergic to two of the food options listed.

He let them know he would not attend or finance the wedding. He also decided to kick them out of his house, bringing a 10-year-old relationship to an end.

What the Masses Think

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After the video was aired, thousands of people commented, and their opinions were very diverse. We have sampled some of the best responses here.

I was wondering what his position was as well. Didn’t think enough of her Mom to make her his wife why be upset they dont think enough of him walk her down the aisle too? – Kim

Keep your resources, and tell them to have a good life. The ATM is closed – Aleathea

I don’t think it’s wrong. Let the mother and father pay for it. He’s not even a stepfather. He’s just the mother’s boyfriend. Unfortunate but true – Eileen

You Are Doing Way Too Much

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“Bro you are doing way too much to be pushed to the sideline ” . So checkout his financial situation because he might not be able to financially help his daughter with her wedding . And the biological father, mother, and step daughter should at least acknowledge his contribution to everyone on what part he played in making all this happened in this young girls life – Narvie

Maybe, a compromising thought, should have been, to have both men walk her down for her wedding. Just a thought. Because she, the bridge has her own feelings and thoughts to consuder – JW Saadia

Let the Parents Pay for the Wedding

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He can pay for the wedding and you can support your wife by offering something like a venue. And yes you deserve to be recognised as a step dad but if not that shows you how much she and her mama value you as a ticket – Kevin Wesley

No! It’s her Father’s & Mother’s responsibility! People use people to get what they want, she should’ve told you what she’s going to do, to give you the option to decide whether or not to help financially! Not spring it on you, like that! Her father needs to step-up and pay, or she needs to save her money to pay for her own wedding. They shouldn’t be upset at all; they didn’t make preparations for his request! – Rena Serena

They Are Using You

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The mom and stepdaughter did not even include his friends on the invitation and they were keeping the wedding at his place! He was so left out by the people he cared for and loved so dearly. But as soon as he stops spending the money, they now suddenly recognise his importance in their lives. You never miss the WATER till the well runs DRY – Sandra Sylvester

Let the father pay for his daughter’s wedding since he is well able to walk her down the aisle and do 3 father and daughter dance. The step dad was disrespected and humiliated by that mother and her daughter. They clearly weren’t thoughtful or mindful of the stepdad’s feelings at all – Kemila Rowe

You Are Not Important to Them

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You don’t feel like he’s not paying for the wedding because her father is giving her away. I think once he realizes he’s not being allowed to be involved as he was graciously doing as the father figure who’s always there. I think he acted accordingly. I’m supposed to pay for everything allowing 250 strangers in my home, and I can’t have my 20 people or be acknowledged in this process. Nope, if you treat me like I’m a non-Factor then I will be a non-factor – Puddin Rich

My Stepfather Walked Me Down the Aisle

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My stepfather was the one who walked me down the aisle 40 years ago, my biological father wanted to do it, but it was my stepdad that married my mother and gave my brother and I his last name. I love my biological dad dearly, but I wouldn’t dare disrespect my stepdad in such away; my step dad took very good care of me when I was a child, I didn’t want for nothing. Yes, I feel like the girlfriend and her daughter was using him, I wouldn’t pay for the wedding either. He did right by putting them out – Annetta Allen

You Were Just an ATM

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He was just an ATM to them for those 10 years. He’s not wrong at all. They showed him n0 respect. Let the father she loves and adores pay for the wedding. {heck} he isn’t even married to the mother – Cashmere Sherald

I would not pay for it. I will not pay to be an absent father’s proxy. Showing up for a life-altering event to be center stage is unfair to the one who was there. I don’t think his perspective is control. It’s not good taste. The bride, if she wanted the bio-dad to walk her, at least the other accommodations could have been met for the step-dad, especially if he’s paying the bill. Now, if I had a place of honor, perhaps I would have continued carrying the expenses. They mishandled him. Staying with that family would have only produced a dysfunction in my opinion – C.E. Williams

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