My Neighbor Told Me I Couldn’t Put Out My Trash So I Made Sure the City Wouldn’t Pick Up His Trash


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A Reddit user shared a story about how she called the trash collection company to tell them not to pick up her neighbor’s trash as they were going away on ‘vacation’.

Trash War? Bring It On!

The OP shares a 5-bedroom house with her husband and two other friends to save money since they want to buy a house in the future. There are similar houses in the neighborhood. The next-door neighbor has a 5-bedroom house with nine people living there.

The OP shares the same trash collection company as the neighbors. The policy is to have the trash out by 7 am, although sometimes they delay picking the trash until 11 am. The neighbors have 3 trash cans, and they are always overflowing. Sometimes they leave the trash out at night. Raccoons and foxes disturb this trash and spread it across the OP’s lawn.

When something like that happened, the neighbors refused to pick up the trash. The OP was annoyed, but she cleaned up the trash and placed it back into the neighbors’ cans while they glared at the front lawn.

Put Out the Trash

A couple of weeks ago, the OP put out her trash at 9 am. The neighbor yelled at her that she couldn’t put it out since she was late. She pointed out that the trash collection company had not yet picked up the trash and went back into the house.

A couple of hours later, she came out and found someone had moved their trashcan to the side, still full of trash. One of her other neighbors told her that they had seen the immediate neighbor move the trash can.

These neighbors are very proud people with a flag, and names proudly displayed out front.

The OP called the trash collection company using their name and asked them to hold out their picking trash from the house for a week as they were going on holiday. The company did not ask for any details but confirmed they would hold picking up the trash.

During this week, the OP took out her trash by 6.45 am and watched as the trash collection truck go past the neighbor’s house even if their trash was overflowing.

The Masses Weigh In

There were differing opinions on the OP’s behavior with most people siding with the OP although they think the revenge was petty.

One person stated, “Nice petty revenge. The neighbors are insane. Having trash out by 7 am is not an unbreakable rule. It’s simply what they say so that people who DON’T have their trash out that early and miss pickup don’t have a leg to stand on when they call to complain “whine whine you didn’t pick up my trash today whine”.

Another person urged the OP to find a way to charge them with trespassing, “Nice Job!

Also get a video security system so you can charge them for trespassing too!”

Similar Program

Another user shared a story about how he solved such a similar problem, “I was manager of a small apartment building (9 units), and my tenants would come to me repeatedly complaining that their trash cans were being filled by someone else. Each tenant had their own trash can in a communal shed beside the alley at the rear of the building. After a bit of sleuthing I discovered our neighbor across the alley was filling our trash cans with his stuff… leaves, branches and even his own household garbage. He would put a little into all nine of our trash cans, I suppose to avoid filling one completely. Anyways, once I found out what was going on I waited until all nine of our trash cans were full, and dumped each and every one of them into a neat pile in his garage. Problem solved.”

A user advised the OP to find ways to ensure such does not happen to her as well, “All you did was the same thing to them that they did to you. However, I would call the trash company and ask if you can set a password in case you have special requests or want to put a vacation hold. Explain that your neighbors have created a problem for you regarding your trash service and you want to make sure that they don’t call pretending to be you and cancel your service or anything.”

One user wondered what the neighbors thought they would gain by forcing the OP to put out her trash by 7am, “I really don’t understand why they cared that you put your trash cans out after the 7 am time if the company had not yet arrived. If it is going to get collected, that’s better (for you and for them) than having a full trash can around for a week. I just don’t understand what they think they would gain – they must know that they will annoy their neighbour and that a full trash can nearby is likely to attract vermin.”

Another user suggested a different approach, “I know many Redditors are cheering you for doing that, but I wouldn’t have. I would have knocked on their door and told them in no uncertain terms that they keep their damned hands off my trash cans or the next time we’ll be having a much different and very unpleasant conversation and leave it at that. Wasn’t their damned business to even so much as touch those.”

How would you have responded if you were the OP? Would you have pulled such a revenge or would you have talked it over with them?


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Originally posted 2023-06-05 05:30:35.