Her Mother Stole Her Money That She Had Saved for College, Opened Credit Cards in Her Name, and Blamed It on Her Dead Grandmother



How far can financial abuse from parents go? OP(original poster) posted in the “Entitled Parents” subreddit, narrating how her mother financially abused her. She has not found justice but is on the way to seeking it.

Financial Abuse at Its Best

At the time she was writing this post, she had not spoken to her mother for over a year. Growing up, her mother had been in and out of jail for stealing.  The last time she had been arrested was in 2015, while OP was 19.

Her mother always said she stole to provide for her family. They, however, never had a stable home. Whenever she had money, she would blow it all on expensive gifts. They would then live from hotel to hotel.

OP says she became the financially independent child in the family. She worked multiple jobs, got good grades, and excelled in community service. From her jobs, she managed to save $8500 for college.

While still in high school, OP used some of her earnings to help her mother with the bills. She paid for whatever her mother needed help with including water or electricity. Before OP left for college, her mother was arrested again. Her aunt had to drop her states away for her first day in college.

It Is Your Dead Grandmother, Not Me

OP then asked for her college money, and her mother said she would transfer the money to her when she got out of jail.

When she finally got out, OP’s money had all disappeared; surprise! OP’s mother blamed her dead grandmother for stealing the money. She was dead; nobody was going to confront her after all.

Later in the year, OP discovered multiple credit cards opened in her name. There was also an apartment with late bills in her name. OP cried to her mom about all these issues, and she comforted her and ASKED FOR MORE MONEY. And as you would have guessed, OP gave it to her.

OP graduated with her BA and proceeded to graduate school. Her savings sustained her for a year in grad school before she needed to take loans. Unfortunately, she applied for loans but was denied, taking to the history her mother had put on her credit score. She was told to “just pay it off” when she asked her mother about this.

OP was not able to keep up and was forced to drop out. She had devastatingly gotten to her breaking point. She called all the credit card companies to get the card address, and they all pointed to her mom. OP confronted her mother for it again, and she broke down, claiming that OP’s dead grandmother did everything. She demanded an apology from OP for “false accusations.”

OP notes that her grandmother died before the credit cards were opened.

She filed a police report and was sure hell would break loose as soon as her mother found out.

Redditors Weigh In

How best can OP clear herself from the credit score mess her mother has put her in? Is there a way she can fight to get her $8500 back?

Here is what Reddit users had to say.

One commenter said, “As a banker, I’m so relieved you filed a police report against your mother. This way, once she’s charged (and convicted), you won’t be liable for the fraudulent charges and can get your credit rectified. As I’m sure you already know, this behavior isn’t ‘entitled’ but also criminal. Being ‘the responsible one’ is rough when our parents aren’t.”

Another added, “Go completely no contact. (Only talk through a lawyer) She’s not a mother at all, just an egg donor. A mom wouldn’t ruin her kid’s life like that.”

And lastly, a user who has had almost a similar experience said, “My mom stole my identity as a minor and I was in 3k worth of debt as I became an adult. Took six months but since I was a minor when the cards were signed up for, they dropped all my charges and cleared my credit score. It wasn’t easy and I had help, but I wish you luck in your journey.”

How best can OP free herself from this mess?


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