A Karen Found Out That English Is Not the Only Spoken Language in the US and She Didn’t Like That Fact


Mature Caucasian woman yelling with an angry expression.

A screenshot between two ladies arguing over the name of the color black in Spanish went viral after one accused the other of being a racist.

Mary visited the page of the OP’s business and told her she did not like the color option for black as it was offensive. The OP explained that they are a Mexican business based in Tampa, targeting Spanish-speaking people. The word ‘negro’ meant black in Spanish.

Speak English You Are in America

Mary went ahead to tell the OP to speak English. They are in America, before telling her how her black neighbor would hate the word “Negro”.

The OP was adamant and told her since their business targeted Spanish people, she could not accommodate everyone. Mary reported the page to Instagram for offensive language.

The Masses Weigh In

The screenshot of this conversation went viral, and people had different reactions to this. We have sampled some of the best comments from Reddit users here.

“She just needed something to be mad about today. It’ll be something different tomorrow,” said one user.

Another offered her some piece of advice, “Do not use your black, unaware neighbor to excuse yourself for being a Karen. Your neighbor probably doesn’t even like you.”

“Karens must find something to complain about each day or they get louder and louder until there is a karenpocalypse and you get one of those crazy videos on youtube,” added another.

People Contradict Themselves

One user thought some people contradict themselves, “I’ve heard right-wing types say, paraphrased, “This is California, speak English,” without grasping the contradiction in their statement. If you bring up the fact that California is a Spanish word, they don’t grasp it, and get aggressive, as they cannot differentiate between one challenging them mentally, versus physically.”

They Are Never Wrong

“She found out nothing. She said her piece and went about her day still thinking she is in the right. People like this are never wrong. It’s everyone else who’s wrong because the internet is based in America and thus everything and everyone on it must conform to American standards,” argued another user.

The US Doesn’t Have a Designated Language

According to one person, the US has no official language, “Why is she discriminating against Spanish speakers like this? She must be pretty racist. Also seems she does not know that the USA has no officially designated language.”

Another agreed, “English isn’t even an official language in the United States. If a city with a mostly Spanish-speaking population does all its business in Spanish that is perfectly legal.”

I Am Amazed How Petty People Can Be

One user said that if she wasn’t being petty she should have reported them and moved on, “The fact that she had to go out of her way to tell them that she had reported them instead of just clicking report and moving on shows just how petty people can be.”


Do you think the OP handled Mary appropriately?


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Originally posted 2023-06-05 17:21:43.