She Faked a British Accent To Get a Job and Now She Is Stuck With It


Eccentric British woman holding a purse with the Union Flag.

A video on Instagram went viral after a lady confessed to faking a British accent to get a job, and now she was stuck with it.

According to the video, the lady works at a store on the sales floor. When she was called for an interview, her friends dared her to take in with a British accent. She said she would if they paid her, and they promptly sent her $10 via Venmo.

She Got the Job

She went to the interview knowing she would not get hired, only for her to be offered a position on the spot, accent and all. After she was hired, she kept the accent up as she had already interacted with the management and feared she might lose her job if they knew she was faking. She thought it was a summer job, but she has been with the company for over seven months now.

Where Are You From?

When her colleagues ask her where she is from, she tells them her hometown as she has several British relatives in the family from that town. The accent was not a problem until recently when she learned that her boyfriend is a distant friend of one of her coworkers. She feels she needs to find the right time to come clean.

The Best Advice

This story created a buzz on Instagram, with people offering her all kinds of advice. We have sampled some of the best responses here.

“Just pepper in your real accent. Say you’ve been naturalized and eventually drop it altogether.” – SeeMcDee

“Just stop the accent and pretend you have no idea what they’re talking about.” – Amanda Cora

“Start saying you are practicing your American accent because you’ve been told several times that people can’t understand you.” – Sky Offbeat

“One day, I called a hotel in Montreal to book a room & I was told they were fully booked. Called back with an accent, and boom! I had a room.” – Anon

“Just start to speak slowly on your accent, then if they ask you tell that you had lots of British friends growing up & just learned to speak like them.” – Coconutsola

Hard To Stop

“I’m Irish-American, and I convinced people for over a year that I had an Irish accent. Sometimes it hard to stop once you start.” – Diabolus

“I actually changed my accent once. I arrived in NZ with an American accent, but when I was ready to be a Kiwi, I just changed it. No one complained!” – Atle Tiders

“Quit with an announcement and just falls into her actual accent at the end saying “BTW been faking a British accent for 7 months. PEACE I’M OUT!” – Minty Ruby

“If doesn’t matter and they probably like her and hired her on her skills and experience. They probably think she talks funny. It’s not a big deal.” – Zigzag Dogs

“Just switch to the original accent without explaining and tell them you’re faking for fun when they ask and just never stop.” – PL Cele

What would you do in such a scenario? Would you risk getting fired by coming clean?


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Originally posted 2023-06-02 05:20:18.