Entitled Guy Is Upset Bike Shop Performed Free Labor for Him Instead of Charging Him Like Everyone Else, Gives 1 Star Google Review


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A screenshot of a Google review of a bike shop went viral after the reviewer gave them a 1-star because they did not charge him for the service offered.

According to the screenshot, the reviewer chose the bike shop because it was close to his apartment. He visited the shop to buy CO2 cartridges. He wanted five threaded ones.

The Error

Upon reaching home, he found only 3 were threaded, and two were not. He was annoyed and decided to return to the bike shop. He brought over his girlfriend’s tire for seating. He exchanged the cartridges for the correct ones and asked if someone could take a look at the tire.

Since everyone was busy, he decided to do it himself. After some time, someone came and asked to help. The man told him they usually charged for the service, but he would do it for free. He thought the comment was obnoxious because such a service was supposed to be automatically free.

The Review

When he left the shop, he gave them the review he thought they deserved,  1 star, and the internet went crazy.

Entitled guy is upset bike shop performed free labor for him instead of charging him like everyone else, gives 1 star Google review
by u/mcbeezy94 in ChoosingBeggars

The Reactions

Here are some of the best responses we have sampled from Reddit users.

“So he’s worked in a bike shop but is having trouble doing his own tire work?” wondered one user

According to one user, free service should be done with a smile, “He didn’t want to be charged. He stated that what was done for free should always be done free “with a smile.”

Another user felt that there were some missing parts of the story, “My bet is this isn’t the full story. He’s leaving out the part where he subtly or blatantly lets it be known he expects this for free. Otherwise, why would the employee need to say that? I bet this guy was a pain from the jump.”

Never Satisfied

Another wondered how such a person could be satisfied, “These are the type of people who want there to be a problem so they can complain. No way to satisfy them… feel kinda bad for his girlfriend lol.”

The review might have worked well for the bike shop, according to another user, “Getting a service for free, and can’t be at all grateful. At least his review was well detailed so the rest of the world can see how good this place really is.”

According to another user, maybe they should have served the king first, “What gets me though is he sounds like he was annoyed that everyone was busy and didn’t drop what they were doing or who they were helping to put the king first. Then he helped himself to their equipment.”

“So he’s mad because they don’t usually do it for free but they’re going to this time because they want to be nice? I understand that when he was in the industry he did it for free but the fact that he thinks that “little” things like that should automatically be free no matter what shop you go to go to show how simple-minded and entitled he is,” pointed out a different user.

Another person put this into perspective from experience, “This one-star reviewer is comical, I’ve worked in shops and on pro teams for 30 years, and I’ve never, not once, ever seen a shop that wraps bars for free. Cassettes? Maybe, tires that are on but need adjustment? Sure. Loose bars or safety issues where the customer might get hurt? Sure. A tubeless setup? ROFL uh, no! That takes practice and real knowledge to do. Clearly more knowledge and skill than he had.”

“I worked in a shop where we fixed a guy’s brakes and a few other problems (the bike was in bad disrepair) We did it just to make it actually safe to ride. He came in for a new seat or something. Only charged him for the single item. 1 star review, didn’t like that his brakes worked now,” added another.

What do you think? 1 star sums it up?


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Originally posted 2023-05-31 12:00:00.