Employee Sparks Controversy After Padlocking His Milk in the Office Fridge


Insubordinate man with zipped mouth.

A viral image showing an employee locking their milk using a padlock in the office kitchen’s fridge sparked controversy with many people wondering if the action was peak pettiness or justifiable security.

Members of the Reddit community had many opinions to share on the subject. We have sampled some of the best ones here.

It’s a Disgrace

“It’s kind of both at once. If people didn’t take what’s not theirs there would be no need. I wouldn’t go that far with milk but people lost food at the last place I was at. 12-hour shift with no food ain’t a joke,” noted one user.

Another shared her story, “It’s a disgrace honestly. I once ate someone’s rustlers burger (yes I know) by mistake because I used to take them in sometimes. I was mortified when I realized what I had done and trekked around the whole factory to find the person it belonged to and apologize. Luckily they saw the funny side and happily ate what I’d actually brought in for myself.”

“100% justifiable. People will drink right out of your milk container and no one respects other people’s items in the communal fridge. I haven’t used the communal fridge in 20 years, all it took was seeing one grubby person rooting through everyone’s lunch bags one time and I was out.

Cooler bag + reusable ice packs. If it can’t go in my cooler bag, I don’t need it,” Quipped another person.

Threw Out My Food

A user shared a horrific experience with a colleague, “A coworker once opened my new jar of kimchi, ate some, and then threw the entire thing in the bin because it was “gross.” Words were had.”

Some people act like what is in the fridge is public property, “Definitely justifiable. I’ve had people steal my lunch and drinks before and even caught one guy. He acted like it wasn’t a problem and if I didn’t want it to be stolen I shouldn’t leave it in the fridge for anyone to take it.”

Food Isn’t Public

Another user agreed saying, “Completely justifiable. Idk why there’s this idea that stuff in the fridge is public, with some line drawn between milk/sandwiches. It’s their food, they can do what they want with it. Nothing wrong with asking for milk if you want it that badly.”

One user said people will steal even when you mark clearly, “100% justifiable. My work stopped getting milk for a few weeks, I brought my own in and people helped themselves to it. I wrote my name on the bottle with a permanent marker, people still used it without asking. I brought a carton of almond milk and the next day the milk thieves revealed themselves, there were two bottles of semi-skimmed with their owners names on the side in the fridge.”

Keep It Safe

Some had mastered the art of keeping their food safe, “When I worked in an office with a rampant fridge content thief I kept my lunch in a cool bag with a freeze block and brought in milk in a flask. I couldn’t deal with the thought someone might open the Tupperware and touch my salad.”

One user admitted that they would do whatever is necessary to ensure their food was not stolen, “I would be triple pack-locking everything with an additional fingerprint scan to get to the milk and food. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stealing that happened between grown adults because they don’t want to pack a sandwich or don’t want to pay an extra few pounds for a snack.”

Would you lock your food or drink to prevent others from stealing it at your workplace?


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Originally posted 2023-06-01 08:00:21.