She Couldn’t Afford Her Dream Wedding Dress, so She Wore a Dupe of It to Her Sister-in-Laws Wedding Two Years Later


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OP, a 25-year-old woman, recently got married to her 27-year-old husband. Now, she says her wedding was beautiful and exactly how she imagined it. But, there was only one issue, which is why she made a post on the “Bridezilla” subreddit.

Not a Dress Girl

So here is the thing, OP’s 28-year-old brother married his 28-year-old wife two years before OP’s wedding. OP says her brother’s wedding was really beautiful, but her sister-in-law could not afford her dream wedding dress, which was a designer dress. She, therefore, had to settle for a cheaper option.

On the other hand, OP never wanted to wear a conventional wedding dress. She says she has never felt comfortable in dresses ever since she was a child. When she was 10, no family member could make her wear a dress, and it was always a fight with her mother, who always wanted her to wear dresses whenever they had elegant events.

So instead of a wedding dress, OP decided to wear white flared pants with ruffles similar to the ABBA jumpsuits. She paired it with a loose satin top and a golden corset. She had golden jewelry to accessorize her look. She says she started saving early for a tailor to make this outfit and jewelry.

Her entire family knew that she would not be wearing a wedding gown.

I Will Wear a Wedding Gown if You Won’t

Now here is the thing, on the wedding day, OP’s sister-in-law wore a pale pink gown. OP says it was so pale it was almost white. She adds that the gown had the same design as what she had wanted for her wedding two years ago but could not afford it then.

OP and her now husband confronted her SIL about her choice of dress, and her response was definitely not what OP expected. SIL said she decided to save for a tailor to get her dream dress for OP’s wedding because she knew OP didn’t care for dresses. Her husband (OP’s brother) and OP’s mother agreed with SIL and saw no fault in what she did.

OP says the fact that she had made it clear that she would not be wearing a wedding dress did not mean that people could wear one at her wedding.

From the confrontation, SIL started crying, saying OP came at her with her expensive jewelry when all she had was old jewelry given to her by her grandma. OP says she had not mentioned anything about jewelry; her only issue was the dress. SIL wouldn’t stop crying, saying how much OP won’t let her have the dress she had always wanted.

At this point, OP was also crying, and her husband had to comfort her. After this,  the wedding went well, but OP says she couldn’t get her sister-in-law from the back of her head.

In the end, people took sides with OP’s friends, saying OP’s concerns were valid, while her family said she was exaggerating. Her mother and brother even wanted OP to apologize to her SIL.

The Masses Weigh In

Is OP an ***hole for confronting her SIL? Who owes the other an apology?

Here is what the subreddit’s members think.

One commenter said, “NTA….Hello, this is OP’s dream day, not SIL’s dream day. Wearing white, or almost white, to someone else’s wedding is tacky even if the bride is not wearing a traditional bridal gown. SIL complains OP is upstaging HER. SIL is self-centered and delusional. The family is nuts. Family and tacky SIL owe OP a huge apology.”

Another commenter said, “Just because you didn’t wear a wedding gown does not mean it’s okay for anyone else to wear one. Your SIL was out of line, she knows she is, and she intended to upstage you at your wedding and ruin your experience. She only succeeded in the latter. For the time being, cut her off and cut off all family members who are telling you that you need to apologize. She is the one who should be apologizing.”

And lastly, “NTA, your wedding was not the time or place for SIL to have her dream day. SIL, bro, and your mom are all major AHs.”

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