Client Wants Dangerous Massage but She Never Tips and the Massage Therapist Blocked Her So as Not to Risk a Lawsuit



A Reddit user shared a story about how he had to refuse a client because she wanted a dangerous massage and he feared she would sue if she got hurt.

The OP is a licensed massage therapist working for a chain of spas. They did not make a lot of money so they relied mostly on tips. They were paid a commission for every massage but it was still not enough. The good thing is they were allowed to refuse to see any client at their discretion. The rule was placed to protect female therapists.

The OP had seen bad tippers before but he had never used this rule except for this one client.

The client wanted ultra-deep tissue work. She said she wanted it to hurt. Any time it did not hurt she complained he was not going deep enough. After the massage, she complained to the front desk and refused to tip. The next time she booked with someone else. She would later book with the OP again.

The OP tried everything he could but she still complained about him and refused to tip. She then went ahead and booked someone else for the second time. After this, she asked for OP. This time he went as deep as he wanted but he feared he might injure himself or end up hurting her.

She was satisfied this time and praised him at the front desk. After she left the OP decided he would never see her again. He couldn’t risk wearing his body out or a potential lawsuit every time he saw her. She could sue if she got hurt even if she was the one who asked for the massage.

Other therapists also refused to see her and in time she stopped going to their spa.

The Masses Weigh In

Many people on Reddit related to this story with many sharing their own stories. Here are some of the juiciest ones;

“At my last place of employment, we had a ridiculous amount of bad tippers (apparently it’s cultural.) I had one lady who would come in regularly with her husband and varying children. Somehow within a few months, I waited on her at least 6 times and only 1 time did I get $3 on a $50 bill, every other time she left nothing. So I made it a point to take their order, drop off drinks and whatever they might need, and not come back until they needed the bill. Once she complained about me, I told my manager that they never tipped and thankfully they let it go. One day she came in with a bunch of people (the ONE time I could’ve added gratuity) and sat in my section; before I could get to them the host told me she went to the host stand and said they didn’t want me waiting on them.


“After a party where I kept their drinks full, their food came out quickly, and they had zero complaints, a lady handed me the check and said “the change is yours honey”. There was $43 in there on a tab that was $42.90. I dropped the dime off and told her “keep the change, you obviously need it more than me.”

“I have worked in restaurants, I’ve had people tip me 2$ on a 100$ bill proudly, after telling me how great their service was. I’ve had people tip me 50 cents, for big orders (mainly old people) Good for you for standing up for yourself!! I always feel bad and could never bring myself to say anything, just hope that somehow my other tables will make up for it.”

“I think that my dad would have taken the crown. I was not there when he did this, but he kept the evidence for the rest of his life. At the time he was married to stepmom number 4 or 5. The two of them went out to dinner and according to him, the service was beyond terrible. When the bill came, he went out to the can and cut a penny in half so he could leave the server a half-cent tip! He carried the other half in his pocket for the rest of his life just in case he needed another half-cent tip.”

Did you think the OP’s decision was a good career move? Would you have been as patient as he was noting you had the option of refusing to see the client?


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