The Apostle’s Audacious List: Social Media Explodes Over Wife Requirements


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An ‘apostle’ posted an image listing his requirements for a wife on social media. The image went viral quickly, and Reddit users had interesting responses to these requirements. According to the image, the self-appointed ‘man of God’ wanted a wife with the following requirements:

  1. Christ Centered
  2. Gorgeous
  3. A singer/ worshiper
  4. African or mixed race with a stunning smile
  5. Between 22-27 years old
  6. Without kids
  7. Loves Jesus
  8. Can cook and clean
  9. Intercessor
  10. Between 5ft and 5’4”ft tall
  11. Not a divorcee
  12. Preferably a virgin
  13. Submissive and great listener
  14. Willing to travel
  15. Meek hearted
  16. Wise

The apostle asked qualified ‘candidates’ to apply for a review at their earliest convenience. He finished the advert with a Bible verse from Job 22:28 and asked whether someone had what it took to marry a prophet. He then added a picture of himself in a green suit.

The Masses Weigh In

The comments came flowing with many faulting these requirements. We have sampled some of the best comments here.

One user thought the ‘apostle’ had a massive ego, “The ego on this dude has got to be astronomical.”

Another shared her experience, “Oooof I saw that too and cringed. My ex MIL considered herself a prophet as well. The most manipulative, entitled, idiot I have ever known, and she expected everybody to follow every word out of her mouth because she was a “prophet”. Ugh.”

Such Stringent Requirements

One faulted the height requirement, “Hmmm…I don’t remember anything in the Bible about requiring women to be 5’4” or shorter for marriage, must have missed that verse.”

“Haha this guy looks like he’s going to tell any woman that his mommy will have to teach her how to cook for him because he’s REAL picky about what brand of Mac n cheese he eats,” noted another user.

Be Wary of Prophets

Someone else said that people should be careful when calling themselves prophets, “Basically in the Old Testament it says if someone claims to be a prophet and their prophecies don’t come true they should be killed. Old Testament doesn’t play.”

Another agreed saying such people were disillusioned, “Honestly I feel that anyone saying they’re anything major from a religion needs to get some help, I’ve been talked at by people saying they were Jesus or Allah twice and it was very uncomfortable to say the least. Both were started by pretty simple, benign questions and comments, “Why did you bring a cat here,” and “You seem very chipper today!” One said he was the final coming of Christ and could connect with animals and the other said he was dead inside, excited about a haircut, getting ready for an epic battle between Pikachu and Charizard, and that he was the third member of the two-man group Daft Punk and they held concerts to lure in bad guys and kill them. Just smile and nod….”

Picky Much?

“A “prophet”?!?! Preferably a virgin?!?!😮. Submitted and a great listener ( he means submissive) which speaks volumes 👀. He actually wants women to submit resumes that he will review. An intercessor who is ‘meek’

Ok. What do we have? He claims to be a prophet, yet he demands a woman who is 5’0 —5’4. She must be submissive yet praying on behalf of strangers, (intercessor,)a good listener who is meek, and a virgin who’s never been married. Umm kay. 🙄. Picky much?” asked another user.

What do you think of the “Apostle’s” advertisement?


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