A Mother Accidentally Glued Her Eye Shut After Mistaking a Bottle of Nail Glue for Eye Drops


Frustrated girl covering her ears with her hands while screwing her eyes shut as she tries to block sound.

Jennifer Eversole, a mother of six from California, shared a TikTok video about how she almost lost her left eye after she mistook the bottle of nail glue for her eye drops.

Intense Burning Sensation

Jennifer says she noticed something was wrong when she had an “intense” burning sensation in her eye. She immediately closed her eye shut, and she says this might have been the only reason she saved it, as not much glue had gone to the eyeball.

The Doctor Had To Pry Her Eye Open

The doctors had to pry the eye open after she arrived at the hospital, and luckily, not much damage had been done to the eyeball.

She recorded the video inside the hospital, saying she felt like she was “Among the biggest idiot on earth.” According to the mother from Santa Rosa, her bathroom space is small, so she places all her supplies there. Sometimes her kids bring all kinds of stuff onto this space as well.

Always Pay Attention to What You Are Doing

She was giving her teenage daughter a manicure on this fateful day. She got briefly distracted and grabbed the bottle of glue instead of eye drops since they looked similar.

She assured people who viewed the video that she had gotten rid of the glue bottle for good, and she would get a brush-on glue in the future.

The Reaction

The doctors say she is healing well, and she promised to keep updating her followers on her recovery. People who watched this video commented, and we have sampled some of the best ones here.

user6215689816245 – Been there, done that!! Sooo painful!! I scratched off 90% of my cornea 😬. Fortunately, it healed well!! My eye doctor says it happens ALOT!!

kimberlychaversbr – I’ve done this! Well, I put super glue in my eye instead of eye drops, but I caught what I did pretty quickly, so it wasn’t as bad, but I lost lashes.

Michelleorgan – I’ve put eardrops in my eye once. I have superglue in the same spot. Live and learn. Glad your eyes ok. And I’m sure it’s happened before.

holy moly its coley – I accidentally mixed up eye drops with my ear drops. But I think you win.

Haley Pyke – My mom did this before & I’ve seen multiple other ppl on TikTok do this too; you’re not alone!! It’ll be a funny story to tell in the future.

Kid_169 – One time this happened to me before, but except my eyes were glued. When I open my eyes, I can’t even open them, and once I open them, they hurt so bad.

maggieweier – Don’t beat yourself up for making a mistake. Even though it may seem bad, I am sure it will all be ok; they will figure something out, I promise!

Ary2017 – Well, I’m sorry for you if that happens because that happened to me before, and I got pimples, and I got pimples everywhere the growing in, and I’m so fr.

Lex – This is something I could see myself doing! 💯 I accidentally put peroxide contact cleaner in my eye instead of my solution several times!

Jordan – Btw it’s nail glue, not super glue; that’s why they were together, and that’s why it was mistaken.

Mia – That’s worse than the girl who accidentally put glue in her hair instead of hair spray.

Summer – My brother-in-law did the same when he had pink eye! You’re not alone; I hope you recover quickly!

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Originally posted 2023-06-18 09:00:21.