Woman Line Drives Lesson on Consequences to Husband Over His Parent’s Visit


Woman not looking very happy about something.

Recently a woman hit a line drive right at her husband over issues revolving around his parents coming to visit.

Redditor @EmbarrassedMilk4107 proved that sometimes consequences have to be taught to adults too.

Here’s the Story

OP has two children, who are 9 and 11. She says that they see her parents “just about every day” because they live close by.

OP says her husband’s parents visit four to five times a year, and when they visit, it’s always at odd intervals throughout the year.

OP said that this most recent visit drove her to extremes when her husband wouldn’t enforce the rules they guide their children by.

Her children are required to do chores after school and to finish their homework. They also have set bedtimes. OP is adamant that they don’t indulge their children’s whims on a “just because” basis.

The issue OP has is that when her husband’s parents come to visit, they automatically think the rules for the children “go out the window.”

OP is tired of being the “bad guy” when her in-laws visit, but because her husband won’t “put his foot down,” she’s left with little choice.

When her in-laws showed up recently, they wanted to take the children to see Avatar on a school night. OP says her husband let them go, instantly bending their rules to please his parents.

OP gave her husband an ultimatum; either he enforces their normal rules and routine, or she would. On the second night, his parents were in town, he wanted to watch a hockey game with their son. OP gently reminded him that their son had chores and homework to do. OP’s partner said, “It’s just a hockey game.”

At that point, OP had taken all she could stand, packed up her children, and took them to her parents for the night, knowing they would get them to school the next day.

She says when she returned home, “they were waiting for her,” calling her an “abusive and controlling person and a jerk for keeping the children on a strict schedule when “they came all this way to see them and spend time with them.”

Having had enough, OP decided that she’d drop the children off after school on Wednesday and let them stay with her in-laws. She informed her husband that she was going out and would stay with her parents to avoid disturbing anyone when she came in late.

She followed that by doing the same thing on Thursday and Friday nights as well.

It wasn’t long before OP was getting texts from her son and calls and visits from her husband. Her son complained because no one was there to ensure his gym clothes got washed, and her husband complained that the “house was a disaster.” Apparently, his parents came to visit, not to clean up, and won’t do anything to keep the house in order.

Unphased, OP stuck to her original plan and told her husband that she would come home when his parents left, or he chose to back her up by enforcing the rules. He lamented that she was taking it too far and that it was affecting his work.

OP doesn’t really care, especially considering her husband didn’t seem to care much when it was her getting “screwed over” by his lack of spine.

Reddit Backs OP

With 28K upvotes @Money_Engineering_59 hit the nail on the head. “NTA and I seriously applaud you! So many women take this kind of *** and never have the guts to stand up for themselves. Playing nice sucks!!!…

You are not the maid and you were not put on this earth to ensure everyone has a lovely time but you.

YOU are the one that has to take of the aftermath…

Hopefully, you’ve made it well known that you won’t stand for that type of ****.”

In the End

Whether or not you agree with her methods, no one can argue that OP is certainly getting her point across. Leave a comment if you’ve been where OP is.


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