Sister-in-Law Throws Fit After Woman Cancels Netflix Subscription Sparking Family Drama



A Reddit user shared a story about how her brother and sister-in-law excommunicated them because they canceled a shared Netflix subscription.

According to the OP, her sister-in-law came to her house mad because the OP had unsubscribed to a Netflix account they shared with the family. According to the OP, they were pushed to subscribe to Netflix seven years ago by their daughter, and they agreed on the condition that she spends a night every week watching with them.

OP’s brother gets married two years later. The OP’s sister-in-law had 10-year-old girl twins from a previous marriage. She gave birth to a son, and that’s where things started going wrong. They would drop the twins at the OP’s home or their maternal grandmother’s house without warning. The OP told her brother that they needed to talk about that situation.

Her brother texted her and asked for her Netflix login, saying they needed family bonding time. Recently the OP visited the park with her daughter and the nieces. One of the nieces asked the OP why they do not visit them any longer.

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The OP told her that she should be happy to spend more time with her parents. She replied that her parents leave them to watch Netflix and spend all the time with the baby.

When the OP told her husband about it, her husband was furious and said the brother was being a bad father, irrespective of whether he was the biological father to the twins or not. The OP suggested unsubscribing from Netflix as a way to teach them a lesson and because they no longer used the service. So they did.

The sister-in-law showed up at the OP’s home and berated them for letting the account expire. She told them it wasn’t their call to make since her family was also sharing the account. The OP shut the door in her face and told her to self-reflect.

The OP’s brother and SIL are not talking to each other. OP’s son is upset because OP’s brother had promised to take him to a sports event over the weekend. The OP said that her SIL posted on Facebook about how their relationship was ruined because of the Netflix situation.

The OP considers re-subscribing just to maintain peace, and she wanted to know if she did something wrong.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community unanimously sided with the OP, with many people saying that her brother and sister-in-law were overstepping their boundaries.

They Should Pay For Their Own Subscription

Many people stated that if the brother and sister-in-law needed Netflix that much, they could pay for their own subscriptions.

One said, “Why should you have to warn someone who is mooching off of you that you’re going to cancel YOUR subscription? She want Netflix, she can pay for her own subscription.”

Another added, “You paid for the Netflix therefore its your choice and your decision to cancel it. If they want it so bad they can be adults and pay for it. I wouldn’t cave into their ridiculous demand on having you pay for something they use but you really don’t.”

According to another user, the account belongs to the OP, and she is free to use it as she pleases, “it’s your account to do with as you please. I think you had an appropriate response.

They Are Willing To Destroy a Relationship Over $10/Month Subscription

Others noted that the OP’s brother was willing to destroy the family relationship because of a trivial subscription. One said, “So they are going to throw away a relationship with their family over a $10/mo streaming service. Is it a surprise they aren’t financially stable?”

Reach Out to the Nieces- Your Fight Is Not With Them

Many urged the OP to reach out to the nieces and let them know they still have a relationship with them. One commented, “As someone who had a family feud impact their childhood relationship with cousins I would reach out to your nieces and tell them you still want a relationship with them. You want to be in their lives and they should know that.”

Another added, “Saying it is not your call to make on a streaming service that you pay for is absolutely crazy, I think you were right in telling her to self-reflect because there is no way she can think she is in the right to go berate you or be mad at you.”

They Have Deeper Problems

Someone suggested that the problems OP’s brother and SIL were facing were deeper than their Netflix subscription, “The problems here have nothing to do with Netflix.” And, “If your brother’s home life hinges on a Netflix subscription, he’s got bigger problems that are not yours to solve.”

Another person added, “If a borrowed Netflix account is the only thing keeping your brothers family together, then him and his wife need to seriously reevaluate their entire life.”

They Are Neglecting Their Daughters

A user pointed out that they are neglecting their daughters, and the OP should not worry about them not communicating, “From what it sounds like your brother and SIL are neglecting their daughters. Honestly, that shouldn’t be someone you want spending time with your son anyway since they’re clearly awful. Don’t let them spin their abuse into something that is your fault.”


Do you think the OP was wrong in canceling the subscription without telling her brother and sister-in-law?



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