She Walked Out of Her Own Birthday Dinner After Her Husband Ignored Her Despite Her Trying to Talk to Him

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A Reddit user shared her story of walking out of her own birthday celebration because her husband wasn’t listening to her.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

The original poster (OP) explained that lately, her husband has been ignoring her whenever she tries to have a conversation with him.

He apparently just sits and stares. Whenever OP tries to call him out on it, he will disagree and say he pays attention. OP said this has been going on for two months.

On OP’s birthday, he took her out to dinner. She was looking at the menu, and after a few uncomfortable minutes, OP said, “I think I’m getting a headache,” and her husband responded after a little while, “Go ahead sweetheart; get whatever you want.” OP said she was fuming and confronted him about how he wasn’t listening to her. He disagreed again.

OP decided to get her stuff and leave. Her husband freaked out and tried to get her to come back inside, but she refused.

When they got home, he yelled at her about how she had behaved in a “juvenile” way and embarrassed him at the restaurant. He said that she ruined her own birthday, and when she tried to explain that he was basically ignoring her, he told her that he owed her nothing.

OP said he is now expecting an apology.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community expressed concern over OP’s husband’s behavior.

One user said, “Nta – but I have to ask if he’s experiencing some neurological issues. This is so bizarre.”

Another user agreed, “the staring episodes could be absence seizures – more likely he’s just zoning out but wouldn’t hurt to ask a dr about it.”

Another user offered some options and solutions for OP:

  1. He’s going deaf

  2. He’s having seizures

  3. He’s being manipulative

Get 1+2 checked out before resulting to 3

ETA: Health issues are scary, and he could either be in total denial or actually completely unaware of his behavior. He might think he’s the one being manipulated. Sometimes people lash out when they’re going through a health issue and don’t know what’s happening to them/in denial.

OP, record your half of the conversation and his ignoring of it. You need proof.”

Another user withheld judgment on the story. “I’m not giving any judgement because this just seems so bizarre that you have to wonder if this is the entire story. Is he okay? A medical condition could be behind him zoning out often, especially if he denies he is doing it. Just very very strange.”

Yet another user suggested both parties were in the wrong. “I’m surprised more people aren’t suggesting he needs to get his hearing checked. It sounds like he knows you’re talking, but is having a hard time hearing the enunciation. He’s trying to fill in the blanks instead of just being honest and telling you he can’t make out what you’re saying. ESH. Him for letting this go on for as long as it has and you for not ruling out a medical issue before assuming he’s consciously ignoring you.”

Was OP right to walk out of the restaurant? Should OP’s husband listen to her concerns? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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