She Showered at the Designated Time Set for Her Roommate to Shower. Is She in the Wrong?



A 21-year-old posted on Reddit, wanting to know whether she was wrong for showering at a showering time designated for a friend she was hosting.

Too Generous for Her Own Good?

The original poster (OP), a grad school student, says she has been fortunate enough to own her house at 21.

Now, she has been hosting two of her friends from undergrad, Cassidy and Marie, for two weeks. She says she has been hosting them free of charge until they got on their feet.

They all have busy schedules, working jobs and handling grad school. Because of this, they created a schedule for when to use different appliances in the house and the shower.

It was clear when Marie was to do her laundry and at what time she was to use the shower. The same applied to the two others.

The OP says this arrangement had made it easy for them to access everything they needed in the house.

The OP showered in the mornings, Cassidy in the midday and Marie in the evening because this is when their schedules open up.

Looking at this, the OP was too generous because she went a mile further to accommodate her friends in her house full time, yet they didn’t pay rent.

How Dare You Shower When I Am Supposed To?

This schedule seemed to work very well for them until OP “slightly broke” the arrangement.

Marie and Cassidy had gone to a university banquet and were supposed to come home well after midnight. The OP went for practicals in her evening classes, where they did dissections. Feeling gross and dirty after the practicals, OP decided to shower when she got home. Remember, evenings were for Marie to shower.

She texted in their group chat, letting them know she would be showering when she got to the house. They, therefore, were all aware.

When OP got to the house, she immediately got into the shower, and when she got out, Cassidy and Marie were seated on the couch, glaring at her.

They wanted to know why she went in the shower when it was Marie’s time. OP apologized and explained that she only showered because she knew Cassidy and Marie would not return soon.

Cassidy let the entire situation go and said it was nothing. However, Marie kept making side comments.

Redditors Take

First, it is important to note that these three are not roommates. Cassidy and Marie were just guests in OP’s house since they were not paying rent. OP says that each of them handled just a single utility bill in the house.

With this in mind, let’s look at what Reddit users had to say.

One commented, “NTA (Not the ***hole). You had a reasonable belief that it wouldn’t be a problem AND profusely apologized. Let them know they can find their place if it’s a big deal.”

Another added, “OP did not need to apologize profusely. First of all, more than one person can shower in the evening. They can go after her; waiting 15 minutes is not a big deal. But ESPECIALLY for people who are guests – they should be grateful that OP is accommodating them and stop acting s**** over something that isn’t even an issue. I would be pushing them to move out after this episode.”

Another chipped in, “Absolutely NTA. You are doing them an ENORMOUS, KING KONG favor allowing them to live rent-free in your home. That carries an unspoken agreement that it’s STILL YOUR HOUSE, and they don’t have any say about using said property and its facilities. Just a little reminder that if they are so unhappy, they are free to find a better place where they won’t have to wait 15 minutes for a shower AT A HOUSE THEY DON’T PAY RENT IN. Christ O Mighty, the entitlement is blinding.”

And lastly, “NTA. What bizarre world does someone live in when waiting 15 minutes to shower in a place you don’t own or pay rent for is worth mentioning, let alone glaring at your (very generous) host?”

Later on, after having read the comments, the OP edited the post and added that she had decided both Cassidy and Marie would be paying $700 per month for rent. She also says that she had talked to an attorney (as a friend) about taking legal action and having her two friends out if they default on rent payments.

As you would have expected, Marie threw a tantrum, said she would never pay rent staying at OP’s house, and stormed out.

Is OP wrong for breaking the bath schedule they had? Is she right to ask them to start paying rent?

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