She Refused to Tip Because Her Order Was Delivered in Plastic Bags Which Is Bad for the Environment



Not tipping for plastic bags? Apparently, one woman decided to do that.

An Instacart delivery driver posted on Reddit that a customer refused to tip because their order was delivered in plastic bags – as they precisely ordered – which are bad for the environment.

Be Conscious of the Environment, Matthew!

Matthew, an Instacart worker, posted on Reddit about his order where the customer removed his tip.

The customer told Matthew that they always accepted their orders in paper bags. Since Matthew delivered them in plastic bags that were damaging to the environment, he would not get a tip.

According to the customer’s review, Matthew did not take the time to communicate with the customer and understand what the customer wanted.

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The customer noted that if Matthew had greeted the customer, he would have learned that the customer wanted their goods delivered in paper bags, and he would have probably received a larger tip than the standard 15%.

The customer lives in a township where the ban on plastic bag usage is not enforced. Not giving Matthew a tip was because the plastic bags were not good for the environment, and he never greeted the customer when fulfilling the order.

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Matthew thinks the customer was being unfair as he spent money on gas to deliver the order to the customer’s doorstep. The company does not require drivers to communicate with customers unless something is wrong with the order. The drivers also exercise discretion on how to fulfill customer requests.

Matthew wonders whether the customer was a bit harsh in the review and refusal to give him a tip based on those excuses.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community unanimously sided with Matthew. Several users argued that the customer was looking for an excuse not to tip. One user said, “He was dying for a reason to take that tip back.” Another told him the customer was unwilling to tip, “Don’t worry, plastic or paper bag, he would not tip you either way.”

“Narcissism at its finest. She was never going to tip and now has to make you feel like it’s your fault,” quipped another user.

The Customer Must Have Done the Same to Another Person

A user quickly noted that this was probably a repetitive behavior on the customer’s side. “Odds are high that you’re not the only person they’ve done shady stuff to. They’ll continue to burn bridges and move on to the next unknowing person until they’ve totally ran out of people to call.”

They Should Not Quote Environmental Degradation as an Excuse

One user pointed out that the customer was using the environment as an excuse not to tip, “If that person really cares about the environment, they shouldn’t order Instacart. Either use your bike or walk. The bus is bad for the environment too. They just trying to find an excuse to tip bait.”

Matthew’s Role Was To Deliver the Order on Time

A fellow driver reminded Matthew that his job was to deliver his orders on time, not engage customers in unnecessary conversations, “Your job was solely to deliver those groceries undamaged and in a timely manner.”

Another supported this sentiment saying, “I don’t message my customers unless I need to. If you got all your items and in a timely manner, THAT is the service you paid for. Not me having an entire side conversation with you.”

A Tip Is Not a Reward

One Reddit user quickly reminded the client that a tip is not a reward for service delivery, “Bro thinks a tip is a REWARD? Uh… no. A big tip is, sure.”

Matthew Should Practice Better Customer Service

Although they disagreed with the customer’s decision to refuse to tip Matthew, some users found Matthew at a fault, noting that he could do better with proper customer service. One said, “Just a FYI you can customize your greeting.” 

Another added, “I don’t think she’s justified taking away the tip or rating poorly but like it or not this is a customer service job. Just giving a quick hey I started shopping let me know if you need anything goes a long way, and doesn’t inconvenience you in the slightest.”

Do you think the customer was right in this case? Was Matthew overreacting after the customer refused to tip him over the excuse that plastic bags damage the environment?

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