She Won’t Let the Teenager Checkout in the Store, “Someone Has to Parent This Kid if No One Else Will”



So, OP (original poster) was shopping in a higher-end department store when she ended up around two teenage girls also doing their shopping.

OP noticed that one of the girls picked up an expensive pair of boots. The second girl looked at the price tag of the boots and asked her friend if she would spend that much on boots.

The first girl says it is okay since she is not paying out of her pocket; she says she has her dad’s credit card, which she’ll use to pay.

Now, OP says this instantly caught her attention. She does not understand why a teenage girl would be in a store planning to pay with somebody else’s card. She insists that it is fraud and would not let it slide.

So, the two girls go their way, and OP keeps shopping, but they reunite at the same checkout point. OP is behind the girls in the queue, and she can see that the girl’s total is in the four digits.

“I Will Not Stand in the Face of Fraud”

The girl is just about to swipe her father’s credit card when OP decides she won’t let fraud happen. She insists that “someone has to parent this kid if no one else will.” She proceeds to tell the cashier that the card is not the girl’s but her father’s.

Of course, she got dirty looks from the girls. The girl then goes ahead and tells the cashier that her father gave her the card to shop with because it was the store’s credit card, and it earns him points.

She then goes ahead to prove that the card is her father’s; she pulls out her ID to prove that it has the same surname as the credit card.

At this point, OP still insists that the girl is about to commit fraud. Now clearly pissed off, the girl tells OP to mind her business. OP then decides to take it a notch higher; she asks the girl to pay with her card, or she will call the cops.

Many people are already glaring at them, and a scene is forming. The girl decides to pay with her card but leaves the store crying.

The Masses Weigh In

OP’s husband thinks OP was in the wrong. She, therefore, went out on Reddit to find out what other people thought.

One commenter said, “YTA (you are the ***hole). Did it ever occur to you that she was telling the truth and her dad had given her his credit card? Mind your own business.”

People replied to the above comment saying that the girl could have taken her father’s card without permission.

The original commenter then edited their comment, saying, “To everyone saying that she could have taken the card without permission, you are right. But it is still none of OP’s business, and there is no way to know. If the girl were an adult who said she was using her husband’s card, OP likely wouldn’t have batted an eye.”

Another commenter said, “Yeah, this is insane. When I was 16-18, my mom never gave me an allowance; she instead gave me her credit card and told me to buy whatever I wanted (I was a very responsible spender, so it worked for us). I would be infuriated if some noisy stranger imposed on my life like that. Mind your own business; YTA OP. “

And lastly, “YTA. Mind your own business. It isn’t your job to parent and embarrass her like that in a store. You also aren’t a federal law enforcement officer investigating fraud, just buy your {stuff} and go home.”

Do you believe in “parenting,” questioning, and scolding kids who aren’t yours, like OP did? Do kids often use their parent’s credit cards to shop at the store?


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Originally posted 2023-03-22 11:57:50.