Awkward! OP and Her Mom Like the SAME GUY: Is It Wrong to Ask Out a Guy My Mom Likes?



A Reddit user shares her story of having an interest in the same guy as her mom and her confusion about what she should do.

An Awkward Situation

The original poster (OP) explains that her male best friend had come over to help with some assignments, and after he left, her mother asked her if she liked him.

OP does but doesn’t want to admit it to her mom, so she denies it. Her mother turns around then and says, “good because I think he’s cute and want to ask him out.”

Talk about an awkward situation. OP said she wasn’t able to sleep thinking about it and is trying to “think of a way out of this mess.” She says her friend doesn’t know that either of them have feelings for him.

The Audience Chimes In

Other Reddit users were quick to offer advice to OP as to what she should do in this situation. One user said:

“Tell him what your mom said. Stop bringing him to your house and make sure your mom can’t steal his contact info from your phone. If he asks why you’re not inviting him over anymore or asks if he can hang at your house after knowing how she feels, then he’s probably interested in your mom.

If he thinks your mom’s feelings are gross, suggest that he preemptively blocks her on social media. I would wait until you find out how he feels about your mom’s feelings before you confess your own, if you even want to confess your own.

If you do and he reciprocates and you start dating, your mom may feel betrayed because she already told you how she feels about him. Maybe you can get parent her age to explain how inappropriate she was being toward your friend in the first place. The reason is she’s more likely to listen to a fellow parent than a non parent and/or ‘child.’

Parents know they shouldn’t date, flirt with, or have sex with their children’s friends. That’s parenting 101 and super disrespectful to their child. Your mom isn’t respecting you so she lost the right to expect you to respect her.

If he does reciprocate her feelings and wants to get with your mom, that sucks and you should tell them both how disrespectful that is to you. Best friends don’t hook up with their best friends parent. Parents don’t hook up with their child’s best friend. You’ll know that neither one cares about you. It hurts, but that’s good information to have when you’re deciding on how much energy you want to put into a person.

I hope it works out for you.”

Another user kept it short and simple. “Tell your mom to date someone her own age?” To which OP replied, “I did tell her the age gap is really weird but she told me that age is just a number.”

Another user had an interesting question for OP to ask her mom. “Ask her if she would be okay with you dating a man who is 50.”

Another user pointed out that her mom was being borderline predatory.” Your mom seems like a predator….she’s known him since he was 16. Pretty disgusting behavior tbh. I’d tell your mom to quit being a creep & find somebody closer to her age, or at least somebody she hasn’t known since they were 16. Imagine if she was a man. 50 year old man wants to ask out 20 year old best friend of daughter who he’s know since she was 16. Insta-cancelled.”

What should OP do? Is it weird for her mom to want to date her friend? How would you react in this situation?

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Originally posted 2023-03-30 09:48:35.