Her Kids Are Late to School Because She Makes Them Shower Twice a Day



A woman posted in the Am I the ***hole subreddit, explaining how her morning routine makes the kids late for school. She insists that the kids take daily morning showers and will not compromise. Her partner thinks otherwise.

Harsh or Normal Morning Routine?

The original poster (OP), a 31-year-old woman, has been married to her 35-year-old wife for two years. Her wife has two kids, 9 and 7, from her previous relationship. OP says she considers the two kids her own.

OP is responsible for preparing and taking the kids to school every morning. She works remotely and starts work a bit later than her wife, so she is well set to handle this routine. She, however, admits that the mornings and generally getting the kids ready for school can be a hassle.

For starters, getting the kids out of bed is usually a fight. When they are finally out of bed, they do not have enough time to get ready for school and take their breakfast.

Now, the issue here is OP insists the kids take a shower in the morning when they also take one at night. She says this is how she grew up and firmly believes that showering in the morning will refresh the kids and prepare them for the day. This morning routine has resulted in a few late drop-offs to the point that OP’s wife has been notified.


Are Morning Showers Necessary?

While following up on what could be making the kids late for school, OP’s wife could not understand why the kids have to shower in the mornings when they shower at night.

OP clarified to her wife the different purposes of the showers. To her, the morning shower is to wake you up, and the night shower is to clean up after running around all day.

OP’s wife could not see the need for the kids to take showers in the morning, especially if it was the reason they were running late for school. They needed to find a solution…and guess what?

OP suggested that the kids wake up earlier so that they have enough time to “freshen up.” Letting go of the morning showers was not an option for her.

How often should kids shower? Are morning showers that important for kids?

The Masses Weigh In

So, is OP the ***hole for insisting that the kids take a shower in the morning?

Just to give a heads-up, many people thought OP was in the wrong for that. Many expressed how much they couldn’t see the need to shower twice a day, especially for prepubescent kids.

One commenter said, “I’m pretty sure it’s awful for their skin. One shower a day is plenty. Maybe too much, honestly, but…Anyway, OP, this is a YTA (you are the ***hole) situation.”

Another added, “Awful for their skin, bad for the environment, etc. Unless you work a job that’s filthy or in health services or you’ve just exercised (in which case start showering post-exercise instead as a routine), you should not be showering so often.”

Another chimed in, “As someone who isn’t a morning person, having a mandated morning shower where I have to get up earlier isn’t something I would consider refreshing. It would make me more grouchy during the first half of the day. OP seems to be doing this mainly because she likes it, but not everyone does. I hate morning showers; I can’t imagine a worse way to wake up. Especially when it’s rushed, and someone is shouting at you to hurry up.”

Are morning showers necessary, especially if they make the kids late for school? Is it water wastage?


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