He Missed a Call From SPACE Because He Thought the Government Was on to Him for Something He May Have Done



A Reddit user shared a story about how frustrated he was after missing a call from a friend who was in space on a mission just because he distrusted the caller ID.

The OP was out with a bunch of other people when the call came in. The caller ID read ‘US Gov.’ He became suspicious and started wondering if he had done something wrong.

His gut feeling told him he was in some sort of trouble, so he let the call go to voicemail. When he showed the other friends the caller id on his phone, they urged him not to answer it.

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The friend left a message telling him that he understood he would be suspicious and that he would call again later. When he called back, the OP received the call, and his friend told him he was flying over the Western Coast Of Africa as they spoke.

They talked about the ride and the launch and joked about how OP didn’t pick up the first call, thinking it was from someone in the government. They talked for about 12 minutes before the call was disconnected.

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The OP made out his friend through laser-engraved rock glasses. He wanted the Reddit community to empathize with him for missing what would have probably been a once-in-a-lifetime call had the friend not called him back.

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit users on this thread were excited about the story, with many telling the OP that his decision to let the call go to voicemail was probably the best since he now had evidence that he could listen to occasionally.

One user said, “I feel like it’s almost cooler that you have a voicemail from someone calling from space since you can save it…”

“On the other hand, now you have an actual call from space recorded on your voicemail. You can share this cool feature with others multiple times over, whereas the call if not recorded would not have that option…” another added, “now you have a permanent voicemail from space. you can replay it at any time to anyone. vs if you answered, no one would believe you ever got that call.”

Post Brought About Nostalgic Moments

Many people reading the post commented about how they missed hearing their loved ones speak to them via voicemail. One user said, “God, I feel that hard. I lost my dad 3 years ago, and wish I had recordings of him and his voice.”

OP Has a True Friend in High Places – Literally

The fact that OP’s friend called him from ISS was enough to impress several users. One commented, “No matter how many {messups} you have in life, big or small, you have a friend who looked out at the whole of Earth and decided to call you.”

Another added, “Someone was up there looking upon nearly 8 billion people, every single person that is currently alive, and chose to call OP. That’s a friend for life, for sure!”

He Knew Why He Never Answered the First Time

The OP’s friend told him on the second call that he knew the OP didn’t answer because he was suspicious. One user said, “The fact he knew why you didn’t answer tells me him and others have probably had the experience one too many times and know the drill.”

Others thought that the OP was right to decline, as the ID may have looked like a scam. He said, “They need to change that caller ID. It just screams scam.” Another user supported this argument saying, “But if the caller ID said “space” or “ISS” and people picked up, every spam caller would start using it immediately.”

Most People Would Do as He Did

Some users argued that the OP did not do anything wrong, as most people would do the same. One person said, “In your defense—99% of people on earth would do exactly what you did. You did the most logical act.”

“I know a lot of people do this and it blows my mind. If someone is calling you and you’re able to take it… pickup the phone. If it’s a scam or spam, hang up. But ALWAYS answer, you never know who it is,” quipped another user.

Silly To Avoid the Call

Some people think that OP’s actions may have bordered on childishness. Unless he was in trouble with the government, he should not have avoided the call, “What kind of trouble are you in that you’re ducking calls from the US Government? IRS? Because if it was the FBI I hardly think they’d call you to arrest you. Seems a little silly to me.”

Another added, “Just gotta say, if I saw a caller ID that said “US Gov” my first thought would be it’s a scam, not oh, dang I’m gonna get caught for something I thought I got away with….because I don’t, ya know… commit federal crimes.”


How would you have felt if you missed such a call without knowing if you will get a chance like that in the future?



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