She Wore Jeans and a Blouse to Her Daughter’s Wedding To Take Revenge on Her Daughter



The original poster has always hated how her daughter dressed, so she decided to dress sloppily at her daughter’s wedding. Her daughter did not seem to care, but her husband was annoyed.

Was it a class act for her, or is she just selfish?

Sloppy Dresser or Just a Teen Trying To Find Her Style?

So, the original poster (OP) is a 52-year-old woman who describes her 24-year-old daughter as a sloppy dresser. OP says her daughter never dressed up, even when they went to fancy restaurants or family parties.

OP had brought up the issue to her many times, but her daughter kept dressing in jeans and hoodies even if they went to the fanciest places.

OP noticed that her daughter only tried to dress up when she was going to see her then-boyfriend. One day, when it was OP’s birthday, her then 17-year-old daughter showed up in a jacket, t-shirt, and jeans.

However, the next day, when she was going to see her boyfriend, she wore what OP describes as a “nicer and more appropriate outfit.”

OP took offense that her daughter would dress nicely and appropriately when seeing her boyfriend and not at their family events.

Bride’s Mother in Jeans?

So, the daughter got married to the same boy she always went to see dressed “nice and appropriate.”

OP still had a grudge because she felt like her daughter put her boyfriend first before anything else. She, therefore, decided to show her daughter what it felt like not to be prioritized.

Without telling her daughter, she decided not to wear the planned outfit but to wear a blouse and jeans.

When she arrived at the wedding, her daughter did not care about the outfit. The wedding went on well, they had fun, and the bride did not mention anything.

You would have thought she did not want to ruin her day, but she did not mention anything to her mother days after the wedding.

However, one person was angry at OP’s choice; OP’s husband. First, he had discouraged the swapping of outfits. He says that OP embarrassed him and still insists that that was an inconsiderate move.

The Masses Weigh In

OP has made it clear that her daughter did not show that she cared about her outfit, which hurt her even more. She clearly wanted her daughter to throw a tantrum over it so that she could bring up events that happened years ago.

Alright, here is what all the Redditors thought:

One Redditor said, “Ma’am, you are grown. This is a beyond petty thing you decided to do at your own daughter’s wedding. Thank goodness your daughter does not care how you look or what you wear. Even if you are ugly on the inside. YTA. (you are the ***hole)”

Another commenter said, “This woman is not grown. Old, but no grown woman would hold a grudge against her daughter for seven whole **s years. over jeans.”

Another said, “Petty, vindictive, rude, gross, awful, selfish. Pick any of them and apply them to yourself. YTA.At 17, she was still figuring out her style and comfort level. Holding a grudge for so many years because of what she wore to a restaurant is childish, and her error is nothing compared to yours. You had a prepared outfit, presumably dressy, and chose jeans to teach her a lesson all these years later? Grow the {heck} up.”

And lastly, “God, what an absolute power move from her; I love your daughter. What a bad**. Unbothered and just allowed you to embarrass yourself fully, haha! YTA.”

Could the bride have been hurt but decided not to mention it? Or did she not just care about what her mother wore to her wedding?


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