She Was CHARGED for Food at Her Friend’s Wedding So She LEFT the Reception To Eat at a McDonald’s



Weddings have gotten out of control!

A 25-year-old woman posted on the AITA subreddit, wanting to get people’s opinion on whether she was wrong for walking out of a wedding reception to eat at a Mcdonald’s after being presented with paid meal options at the wedding.

Not Enough Money for Your Expensive Meals

The original poster (OP) was invited to a wedding by her colleague. Before the wedding, OP asked the bride-to-be if there would be any guest fees, and the response was no.

So, the wedding day came, and everything was going on smoothly for OP until they got to the reception.

To her shock, she was presented with a wedding menu with prices. And things were super-expensive. For instance, she notes that steak was $50 on the menu. She adds that even vegetarian options were pricey.

OP contemplated whether she should question the bride about the paid meals because she was unaware of it. She, however, decided against it because she did not want to spoil the bride’s day.

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McDonald’s Is More Reasonable

OP says she did not bring enough money to “order” the pricey meals and also get a ride back home. She even thought of skipping the meal altogether but was pretty hungry.

Then, she remembered seeing a McDonald’s almost 5 minutes from the reception.

She walked to the bride and explained how she had not brought enough money to get food on their menu, so she was walking to a nearby McDonald’s to get a meal. She said she would make it quick to be back on time for the cake and gift ceremony.

To OP’s shock; the bride got upset. She started saying how much effort she had put in to give guests a “Michelin-star restaurant service,” but OP was still not impressed. She said OP was trying to bring her down by saying she would rather eat at a McDonald’s.

OP defended herself, saying she had no cash to eat from the wedding menu. The bride then replied, “Who’s fault is that?”

Pissed off but still trying to contain her anger, OP told her, “You lied to me that I didn’t need to pay anything!”

The bride went ahead and clarified that the attendance fee was free and said she could not believe how cheap OP was expecting to get a free five-course dinner. She went ahead and asked OP to leave her wedding.

OP left but acknowledges how hurt she was.

She still grabbed a big mac on her way home.

OP’s boyfriend says OP chose the wrong time to be stingy. Do you think so?

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The Masses Weigh In

One comment said, “I’ve never been to a wedding where the guests pay for their meal. NTA (not the ***hole.).”

A reply followed this comment: “‘I’ve known about events like birthday or wedding dinners that everyone knows is a paid event in advance, like at a restaurant. But never one that charges people at the door by surprise. What did other guests think, I wonder?”

Another comment said, “NTA – But I think you handled it wrong. You shouldn’t have asked her if leaving and getting McDonald’s was okay. You should have done it and come back. The bride/your colleague does sound like a bit of a jerk, and she shouldn’t have humiliated you that way.”

And lastly, “I’ve never been to a wedding where I had to pay for my food, and I’ve been to some cheap **s and some expensive **s weddings. Next time, you’ll know to be prepared. Also, did you buy her a gift? Because if you didn’t and showed up for a free meal, you’re a bit of an ***hole.”

What do you think? Have you ever been charged for a meal at a wedding?


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